A highlight from Part 1: Adam, Bryan and Gina discuss The Kings, Brady Bunch Singalongs, and Progressophobia (ACS June 15)


Brake win. Adam corolla get it ought not to get it on a choice again a mandate get it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for telling about ready to grab. That's right pinball. Ron that guy not fit to carry my jock. I was Speaking of jocks. Watching maybe on showtime last night a series called the the kings The kings chronicles best. I can tell. Maybe i've seen two of them. It was when roberto duran. Tommy hearns Marvin hagler ensure ray leonard were all sort of trading spots to be the best middleweight fighters in the world and how much there was about all that stuff and A lot of interesting stuff. Such as Sugar ray came out with He was molested by coach. what when he was. I think around the olympics pretty young boy but he he knows justifying house. Yeah i don't know how much of that holds up in court static. Short biting ladies and gentlemen of the jury come hither boxing shorts. But max patty. You can find that. That story i was telling you to find but dawson has it but i think it was the fight. So they're talking about crack and drugs in detroit. Tommy the hitman hearns. Detroit motorcity cobra. i which i liked nicknames. To let you know where they're from. The motor city madman. The motor city cobra cobra mustang cobra. Thank you so i. I don't think i for. Tommy was less about the automobile and more about his long range. Able to strike at a distance. He was very rangy fighter but at some point there is drugs and violence everywhere. Tommy got himself. A big compound in michigan somewhere maybe outside of detroit and had his entourage and everything in his kid brother. I think it was twenty. Two at the time was staying with him now. He was going to vegas to fight duran. I'm trying to think of who he was head Eighty eight eighty nine. It was just hours before is supposed to fight sugar ray for the for the second the first time second time either way third time. I don't know he had a fight scheduled. you know. it's a big fight him Caesar's palace outdoors sugar ray and a couple of days before the fight. His younger brother twenty two gotten a little trouble who he was staying at the compound. He was staying at the house. But i the thing. I always marvel at and dawson will fill in the details with terms of violence. I get i get the liquor store robbery that went wrong and i get the I get to the cops arresting you and you have five warrants and you try to outrun them or something but just kind of insane randomness violence especially when your brother is tom. Tom hart tommy hearns. Was i think the only four time world champion four different weight divisions like your brother. Your older brother is the king of detroit. He's he's having these fights that are multi million dollar fights in. You're staying with him in his context. Low pro yeah or do a little dusting while time on the road. Vegas go to bring home another twelve million dollars in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine days when you know. The living gassed was a buck. Oh five gallon. he's making. You could have bought probably Most about the ford building for twelve million bucks in detroit nineteen nine but here's how his younger brother chose to spend his time. Dateline southfield michigan. The younger brother of boxer. Thomas hearns has been arrested in the weekend shooting death of his girlfriend at a home. The boxer owns the brothers attorney. Confirmed henry hearns. Twenty two was held on a preliminary charge of murder and was scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. Attorney neil fink said late sunday. The arraignment comes just hours before thomas hearns scheduled title fight with sugar leonard in vegas. The victim's body was found in a bedroom of a home owned by thomas hearns. Hold on i just if my sister's listening lorne if i'm on the road and i got a big thing going like a major pain. A big event timer murder. You're hanging house and you wanna shoot your boyfriend in the face time for after the event. I don't want distractions going into that rank. Sorry she had been shot once in the head and handgun was recovered at the scene police. Oh and don't use my hand gone. Because i went and got tommy's handgun and a nineteen year old girlfriend. She wanted to break up with him so he had her executed spare bedroom. With tommy's gone in tommy's house how insanely prone to violence. Can you be where your you know again. The same dispute over some turf in a game. Or you're just sitting in tommy. Hearns is multi room mankin with air conditioning. Running gotta go get the pistol and execute somebody looking to see someone else. Yeah nineteen oh boy. The arresting officer said the shooting stemmed from quote domestic situation but refused to elaborate. Police did not immediately know to whom the handgun was registered. He said well. I don't know if tommy's younger brother now. This is thirty years ago thirty to thirty thirty two years ago. Just trying to figure out where the guy was still imprisoned by the way this. Why can't make it through a series. Because i hear this. And i'm like i got to the guy still in prison busy out. What a tommy do. I think i found an article that tommy hearns had to pay six hundred eighty five thousand bucks to the family of the deceased nineteen year almost forty years ago. Yeah home well. Thirty eight eighty nine. They are it was like thirty years ago but he's probably

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