A highlight from 06/14/21 DPS Best Of


He's three d. Dennis scott one of the great deep shooters in nba history part of turner sports. Nba analysts. Who who gave you that nickname. Three d Down in orlando. Paul porter announcer her To san antonio spurs in a preseason day. I came down here to three in a corner. You say great scott well as they called me georgia tech. I came down and get hit. Another three need dennis scott and that i made three threes. And i'm thinking of minute and a half. It goes way minute three d i kind of look i just but when you miss those shots and game did you ever get somebody to say. Oh yeah three d. Of course you hit a few fans on the road and you love it but but even longer long time all of us great shoes a mindset. He missed two or three. We always leave. The next one's going in all right. Let's look at some of this action here. How much pressure is on. Kevin durant now given kyrie's availibility and new james harden i office pressure. I don't know if it's desperation because we all know now if you're not healthy in the playoffs you don't have your best players. It's hardly beagle and durant. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. So he's going to try to do everything possible. You're trying to carry the team. Which i think you need to take a step back and empower his teammates around with leadership and say guys. I'm not gonna try to get sixty. Yes maybe forty. But i need to get ten fifteen assist like james. Does those you guys involved. Let's play good team defense. It maybe we can hold onto to or targeted health. What do you think the bucks defensive strategy are they going over the top physicality here no. They're not you have to say offensive players out of their comfort zone. We know chirons a great player. We know james harden g-great katie for the best. We ever see it which you have to be physical with them and take them out of the conference and take the new thing than that used to kevin durant tonight used to guy tucker all his face. He smaller but stronger. And that's the physicality you talking about. And how do they let kevin durant bodyguard on the court. I think the whole situation with the fans personal security. They're not on the same page dan. I don't mind players have extra security. They deserve it. I don't mind. Rain is beating up extra security for the play offs but we all have to be on the same page. You know who is who come to find out. Somebody knows that that was the ranch security. James harden security. We didn't know who it was. No atas dressed up real big trying to do the right thing but he didn't. I'm glad overboard. Did you ever have an incident like that where somebody's on the floor and you don't know who it is and why they're on the floor. It was one time in phoenix. Because i was plan which chat everywhere. We went so crazy. Happy in this guy around van shy. I love you. Of course. security said get outta shock was the stories. I hear about shack shack at practice like he would. He would run out with just issues on. Is that that true just issues in his birthday suit. You're not gonna take charge from him. No you birthdays. Goofball should have toss. The joker joker understand the roles understand.

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