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This is record media. Peter kafka talking to market when markers from andriessen horowitz. Welcome art peter. It's good to see you in a while. Yeah it is better. While i mean see you in air quotes of the i know i know. I know. We'll see you in person eventually. margaret was brought in america was a big deal. Public relations person silicon valley. Who's been working at andriessen. Horowitz one of the valley's most important vc firms for more than a decade right yet been so the firm is going to be twelve. And i spent the first year having as a client. And then it's been eleven years that i've been at the firm so describing you as a comes person is inadequate. 'cause you your operating partner there you've pick strategic role and the reason you're here today is you're rolling out something that's going to generate a lot of attention in the tech and media world. So why don't you tell us what that is and what it's called. yeah so of. We are launching today. A media property called future and it is all about the future and how to build it and how technology shapes it and this is a basically kind of radical departure but also natural evolution of what we've been doing for years as you know we've always been blogging about like. Here's why we're investing in such and such company. That's your standard. Vc thing right. Here's why here's why this company is great. Yeah this thought leadership few of us. Who did that fred. Wilson has always blog right. And i think the we sort of added layer onto that and then we started to do things about company building and all kinds of topics. The reason we're doing a separate property with separate brand and a separate look and feel as we going to open it up because as a two hundred plus person firm we certainly don't have a monopoly of all the good ideas and all the interesting takes on the future. So this first batch of articles that you'll see is you know a wide variety including a few folks from affirm but a wide variety of folks outside the firm who are talking about interesting things related to the future and how to make it happen right so right now us like you said you've got a history of your partners and folks who work at at a sixteen uncalled entressen shorter easier Keep dixon i know. I know it's a shorter. Sorry but I referenced. Chris dickson writing on. Nf a thousand true fans a lot on this show. I think it's really interesting. So that's sort of standard and what's different here is a standalone publication. You're bringing in outside. Contributors who are those contributor is going to be so it'll be a variety of contributors. We're essentially looking for. Yes big names. But we're looking for people who are very very smart on a particular topic and are making an argument about it. So we'll have This woman but all and butchering her name. I'm sure but she's going to write about pale. Paleobiology and how the past and a future. This is like very unusual. And he's not anyone in the firm who would have that particular take by will also include sort of regular ceo types. And what not. And then you know as we build out the team. We are going to hire people. Who are there full time while to have a regular contributors Who will be compensated. So a well-funded company that wants to put out information about itself and things that is interested in because it wants to help shape. Opinion is not a new idea right. You've we call that content marketing big companies have done this in various forms for a long time But it's you is and in this move is generating a lot more attention. Do you want to do you want to give me your theory. Why you think people are paying attention to this. One in general are self referential. Think about like what does this mean for me. And why are you doing this to me. Or it's kind of like not what i'm doing. I think the reason our content. If i might say so interesting is because we have to be pretty interesting. Perch we invest in a wide variety of things between crypto and bio and fintech and real estate and consumer and social enterprise. And there's buckets with an enterprise so dot makes the variety of content and sort of the death because we have first rate thinkers in the firm and outside. I think pretty interesting. And that's that makes it easier to off what you call content marketing because it's not a one product company. You know apple. I'm sure has fantastic content. But it's about the iphone and the ipad and whatnot right versus. We have this interesting for a variety as to the reaction. I mean you tell me you're on. You're you're having reaction. I i'm assuming i'm having the reaction i play both sides of this depending on. Who's the podcast here I said the the the what you hear from other folks including jessica lesson has been on this podcast as this is very concerning to see a very powerful. Vc firm with connections throughout the valley And you know tech is eating everything. Everything is taxes isn't just an industry trade story creating its own media outlet hiring journalists and cutting out this this is the this is the major concern the role the journalists traditionally play in providing information to the public So we can imagine why you guys would think you know well do the. There's been a bunch of profiles of you in the firm and there's a quote. Everyone keeps referencing that that that injuries and horwitz is essentially a media company with sort of venture firm attached. Is it fair to call you. Guys a media company. We don't obviously monetize Armenia efforts will some at some point in the future. So i don't think We should be called in media company. We produce a lot of content. And i think the you know what i find fascinating is served. There's a there's a slight tinge of outrage and like it's a free country last. I checked we can produce content. Anyone can produce content. We think and. I think i'm right about this. There's a whole bucket of content. That is actually really really useful and important. That is not covered. So that's what we're aiming at. We're not looking at doing news or news analysis or you know politics or whatever we're basically we're riding toward the tech curious and towards the participant. So i have a job at a company to actually figure out how open source business models work like. Where am i likely to find that right right and that also sounds anodyne right and the truth is you are going to get less. Detailed explanations of of of how some of technology works in mainstream media And traditionally a mainstream reporter would reach out to you or your partners or their portfolio companies. And ask them to be sources in story about them Why isn't that adequate. Why why do you want to go direct. Instead of having a layer of of journalism on top of that. I don't know what you like. Why would i outsource like what information what people think of me to some other third party like. Why in the world would i do that. I think the third part is very important and it's important to engage with third parties.

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