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You have some kind of way aback and people off air a quarterback that's mobile and accurate there able to get out i'm watching over here in the corner my aaron rodgers an an russell wilson going at it and very few other passes around the back at durham making things happen on the on the edges because they they had good defenses yeah and their collapse in on him and her make a place in the outside we play these differences my glennon's not gonna survive let's let me read something to you guys and see i wanna hear reaction on this one too this is from out from inside the bears locker room running according to rich campbell the tribute running back jordan howard declined to speak to reporters in contrast running back to recode's media obsessed went so long a team spokesman down short howard dropped the ball that could have one me bears a football game today and he's in the locker room after week what he does to talk to reporters now a you guys all had day obviously is different for you hamper with he he he's he's a different kind of cat and you know what he's just private humble guy and obviously he's heart broke about you know the fact that he dropped that potential gamewinning touchdown pass so you know eight i i i give him a pass and you know it okay nobody ever said you got to come out there and spill your guts you know after you after you blow game but you know e five years from now three years maybe he'll say you know it's on me i did it blah blah blah but you know the kid he's a quite humble guy and didn't want to have to go there angle you're still going to need this kid he's year one pro bowler right on your offense i dislike of the only one on the team right now right on some level part of being professional is you take i would but he still young you know what i got you will hear was to recall real quick i really look forward to it you know evan arcos down using in every way relate to you know give me out and the live but yet wi fi know this door the hindu for the thing i.

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