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Right, let's take a couple of calls real quick. And then I want to talk to you about what's happening in our schools school choice. Versus public schools, what the teachers unions are up to, what in collusion with the Biden administration or I should say vice versa with the Biden administration is up to with the teachers unions. It's 6 stuff, guys. They really want our kids to be victims and not students. It's insane. They're raising these kids in my opinion to be little brown shirts that they can control. Anyway, let's take a couple of calls real quick. Let's go to we have LT and Yucaipa, LT, welcome to the Carl Jackson show. You've got the mic. Thank you, Carl. Enjoying your show. Listen, I was just wondering, how much you know about the history of nationalist China? And why it became nationalist China. It was for most of the war. And when Shane can I shake that run out of China by the Japanese, he settled over there went into exile over there. Human his wife, and then this is one of the AVG came into China to try to run the Japanese out. And then after that, that's when it became Taiwan and Taiwan is an independent country. China is doing the same thing or thinking about it, same thing, the Russians are doing, do you think? And it's ridiculous. Yeah, you know what? LT, listen, I really appreciate it. I think you're right. I think it's in China's best interest. I got a hat tip to forgotten man. It's in China's best interest to help rushing Ukraine because it distracts us. I don't think we can take our eyes off of China. And this is why I really believe we don't have the right man and The White House. I know the remedy is the election cycle. I get it. But you guys can not look at Joe Biden honestly. I don't think he can last. I am shocked that this guy has lasted this long. I predicted it would be 6 months. All right, I was wrong on that, but looking at this guy, I mean, this guy, honestly, we're in a very bad situation, and he's making the world a more dangerous, dangerous place. We get about a minute, Patrick, but let's go to Patrick in Chicago, Patrick. Welcome to Carl Jackson prime time. You've got the mic. Hey, Carl. So I'm from Chicago and our local station is a.m. 5 60. The answer. And I first heard you when you were southern in for Larry elder for his 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock plot, but now you're on the 7 o'clock, and I'm gonna clock slide. So my question is, what did you do with Larry? You know what? Okay, just a bulk officer something called? You know what, Patrick, I'm so glad you asked this and I mentioned this yesterday and I need to repeat it frequently, obviously. Okay, so Larry elder is no longer with Salem. However, Larry elder has not gone away. He's extremely politically involved. He's with the epic times as a matter of fact on Fridays at 7 p.m. tomorrow at 7 p.m., Larry elder is going to be with me on the program. He was with me last week and he explained to the audience exactly what he's up to now, but you can find him at epic times. He's joined videos. He's doing TV. I believe it's in TD TV, but he'll be back on tomorrow, but yeah, that was one of my concerns because I understand everything happened so abruptly and then all of a sudden here I am, believe me, it was a little, it was a little awkward. I'm just being honest with you, but listen, Larry elder isn't going away. Larry elder is still extremely involved politically. He still has his elder for America PAC and you can hear him here hear him here at 7 p.m. eastern standard time. Two segments at least on Fridays, perhaps not every Friday, but is often as we can get them. And he will tell you exactly what he's up to and no I didn't perform a drive by shooting. I didn't, I didn't drop him off of a cliff. I love the man. He's amazing. He's been a mentor of mine. Albeit from a distance. And I've gotten to speak to Larry several times, a great guy, smart guy, brilliant guy, and a juggernaut in the conservative movement, and he's not going anywhere. So you'll be able to catch him tomorrow evening right here, 7 p.m. eastern standard time. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be able to share that information again. Because I understand. It feels different. It's a little awkward. Everything happens so quickly, but no, I did not bump Larry elder off. We'll be back. And of course, the lovely and talented Carl Jackson will be successful. This is the show. Political analyst Carl Jackson that explains it all. This is Carl Jackson, prime time. Carl, we'll start with you..

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