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We back no. Hey back story of the darkness so they did it holy pulls it off cool. The darkness is a huge success. Going from their small yet. Fanatical fan base in England to getting radio. Play all over the world in touring with big. Names like Metallica tour And headlining the Carling Festival in two thousand four. Wow they're a big deal now. They were a big deal kind of a big deal now they won tons of awards in the UK like best rock album for the Karang arm. Sorry Karang awards yes an exclamation point. I'm sorry it's Karang has woes mows. The Brit awards permission to land is still held high in regards. Today it is so good it is quite good listen to it. It's fucking concerned really good party. Rock album super is landing still on many greatest albums lists from various publications even today as it should buzzfeed one hundred greatest party rock sees number ten will surprise you. We right list ICAL UH-HUH. I JUST WANNA realistic. Oh about testicles. Testicle logistical number ten testicles for nine testicles pulls number eight Scott a surprise you BALZAC yacht. We can totally rape punts. He eat every could high hampers. Hip buzzfeed Atta seriously ad- ca- Doley fucking great for you. Well guys. The story is the same. Same touring is a lot. It's even harder when you start working on your follow up album. It's probably even harder. When you're fucking touring with your brother either way you kind of grew up with the student you know Marocco get sick of them? I don't know for the darkness. I think it's important to add in the. They were feeling a lot of pressure to match the success of their debut album. Of course. Of course I mean come on. Sophomore efforts are really as good. It is the first like if your first albums really good. Your Sophomore is not going to be as good. It's just not. Yeah and that's fine. I never expect your sophomore effort to be good guys. I never expect season to to be good I never expect the second in Psalm. Installment of a book or movie series to be good because usually people are under way too much pressure at that point so if it gets big everybody Kinda fucks it up. Yeah and it's okay. That's when you should fuck it up because we're expecting you to fuck it up. All of this seeped. It's its way into the band's personal lives. Tensions were high and arguing was commonplace at this point. By this time Justin and his girlfriend slash manager sue head split up and he was not handling it. Well Oh he said he got a Prince Albert piercing because he wanted to get the most painful piercing because he didn't like himself at the time. Yeah also not a useful piercing. It's not it doesn't do anything for you. It does not. It doesn't do anything for anybody. Well Kim well just thing at getting that that sounds terrible. He apparently does not happen anymore. He took it out good because it was a bag with these. Say It doesn't do anything for the lady. Yeah you really does it. I don't know about like doing it for the dude. Maybe it robs the prostate road. I don't know I don't have a prostate. Neither neither do I. So we're never GONNA also don't go near my butt so don't touch my butthole don't touch my butthole still the nearby autobiography. Don't touch my butthole. But this wasn't his only self destructive behavior. He also picked up a pretty hefty cocaine habit. Did I know I said No. Oh heroin but I didn't say no drugs. Yeah Eight said that he spent one hundred and fifty thousand pounds on cocaine in a year. Holy Fuck Fox. Is that a lot. Yeah that's probably two hundred thousand American rabidly more than that. I'm really bad at math. And that 'cause like this is like two thousand four hundred and five five and the pound. The pound was way better than the dollar at this point. Almost not quite double. It was way better because when I went to Ireland the the euro and the pound is better than the euro. Yeah this who turns out. The Bush administration was not great for our economy. Who would have thought I? I thought it was fucking fantastic. I know so many great things Maggie. Now I'm so glad we graduated during the Bush administration. That was great for us so happy about all these things mail. It just really helped us out in her career paths. Also he's not in endurable GRANDPA so fucking stop. Yeah Guys I. I know trump's a monster but like the Bush isn't great the that doesn't make Bush okay in comparison. That's a straw man. Argument doesn't work still. The boys went back back to the studio to work on this next album. were all the chips are on the table. So they brought in the big guns with producer. Roy Thomas Baker. Whose name may sound familiar because of his work with the band queen on their first five albums? Oh which are fucking bangers. Yeah however even bringing in such such a force couldn't stop the usual band drama from unfolding in addition to Justin's blatant drug and alcohol problems. Frankie ended up leaving his spot as bassist early in the recording process. Initially the claims were that it was an amicable split but later Frankie revealed to an Emmy magazine that he was pushed out by Justin ensue. He wasn't quite sure why or maybe he just wasn't saying why yet he didn't talk poorly about the band. In fact he was still very very excited about the sophomore release saying Hazel is is his favourite track quote. I defy anyone after a couple beverages to listen to. Hayes lies standing up and not get the Michael Frattini's the Michael Flatley flat lease. Michael Flatley River dance. Oh brings evidence and an intern kick your legs up. Because that's how Irish people we done out. He's no arms. No ARMIJO JOE move those fucking arms down. They don't exist any today elbow. Move on fucking charge this river dance. Rob Your aside tying your hands together. Well Michael Flatley is like he's strict. Leave driver you. GotTa you gotTa be mayhem ahead. Moves though sweet. Sweet River dance moves. Frankie spot was taken over by their Guitar Tech Richey Edwards ads though most darkness songs are group efforts. He isn't credited with any of the writing. Nearly at this point he just took over. He's leaving doing duty. He's like their session basis. Kind of right now. Yeah Yeah One. Hundred percent despite costly delays. All the band issues. They did release one way ticket to hell and back in November. Two thousand five a really good song at least yeah. I mean like singles. Good yeah there's a couple of tracks tracks on that album. That are they're pretty it's worth. It's worth a listen through new. Grab a couple of Euroleague right before its release just in one a copy of it on Ebay for three hundred earn fifty pounds in order to track down. Whoever sold the digitally marked advance copy? We rent it from happening again. He bought it or he put it on their bought audit out. Somebody put out a digitally mark advance copy on Ebay. That's a big deal by you. Get their information yes he. He went on to buy it to figure out who did it so I never said who did it or at least any of thing that I went up. They never said who did it. They might be ridiculous. They might wear spandex but they have integrity. They do have entirety. Tim He might be high on cocaine. He Iraq so in it right now but he has dignity he really is kind of Deng kind of is like at this point. Yeah he's really does cocaine anywhere SPANDEX. e-eh e-eh the album debuted at number eleven but unfortunately fell to number thirty four. The following week it failed to reach the success of their debut. Byu And at this point has only reached platinum status. And I say only because permission to land is five times platinum. Oh Yeah not quite diamond. knoll critics were unimpressed with the hyper masculine themes the many references to cocaine. Because like you're saying what you know about all right. Yeah and Dick Jokes upon Dick Jokes raining throughout the songs today. I tried to hear the jokes. I mean at this point guys were over halfway through this episode. You know. We're here for the Dick Jokes. We've already made a Lotta Dick Jokes will make more. Let Paul Jokes today actually. Yeah I kind of Uboldo Day the toward for a time but sticking mostly to UK and Ireland in a few spots in Australia and Japan because Australia Japan fuck so does Canada. The fans the hype seemed to have burned out for the darkness Aban that fell about as quickly as they shot up by the second. Half of two thousand thousand six enough was enough for Justin. He decided to take control of his life again. He checked himself into Rehab as he was growing more concerned about his physical mental health throughout for all the cocaine and alcohol. You know who didn't do that. Was it Kurt. Cobaine Kirk Bain. Was Kurt Cobaine While he was in Rehab the best the best news source ever the British tabloids. Oh boy they're not terrible. No they began circulate rumors that the darkness was breaking up because he was in Rehab so clearly. The band's going to break clearly well it just so happened happen that after Justin got out of re have had the darkness broke up for once the British tabloids were Kinda right. Yeah Yeah there can be a lot of things attributed to this the stress of creating their last album that didn't do as well as they hoped the inner band turmoil the drugs and the overall rock and roll lifestyle years later Justin would say he just felt. The band stopped being creative And maybe there's something to attribute their to do whatever the reason the darkness was over. But that didn't mean anyone planned on leaving the music Biz. The remaining members gathered together to create something nothing new something called stone gods which lead more towards a mix of like hard rock and heavy metal I don't WanNa say say but rock because it is more talented than but rock but it's kind of a generic heavy metal. They're heavy rock sound elevated but rock talented talented but rock listenable bought raw There we go. That's rub. Ritchie moved up to lead vocals flesh rhythm guitar. And they brought in dance friend Toby Macfarlane to base they landed a spot supporting thin lizzy on a UK tour which is definitely yeah healthy pushing Garner them some popularity. Who was fronting thin lizzy? I don't know at the time I'm not one hundred percent. Sure I need to look into into that right now i. I'm sorry. I didn't do thin lizzy research because asshole. But they did love thin lizzy so the fact that they was an honor and a delight. Yeah Yeah Two thousand eight. They were headlining their own. UK Tours and they even released an EP. They're doing it. Yeah making a happen. I'M NOT GONNA go too deep into the story of the stone Gods. 'cause I just wasn't super interested but basically what you need to know is. They did receive much critical acclaim in many nominations for best new band when they came out though they never really gained a lot of commercial. Success the critic said they were great. The public was like refined. Yeah also during this time. Ed had to step down as drummer due to health. Complications caused by osteoporosis. What that sounds like his bones are disappearing? Yeah it's basically like a blood disease affecting his bones. yikes yeah yikes on bikes painful. The had a few replacements here and there and kept quite busy on the festival circuit but it seems they were all too aware that perhaps the stone gods peaked as a mediocre relate offs. Hard rock band probably weren't going to see a ton of success beyond now but they kept trying but I might be They kind of in my mind seemed like the UK equivalent of maybe like Velvet Revolver. Yeah like they've had a couple hits but but they were pretty generic and the fact that everybody in the band was extremely dynamic and talented but when they were together who's just flatlined. They were missing. Something Yeah Yeah and can you name a velvet revolver song. Yeah exactly you know Velvet Revolver. Yeah you remember that they had that song and it was Scott. Weiland in the guns and roses slash is off. Duff I think duffin slash Rashtra both in it slash slash agile. My God they should be superheroes called Delfin slash. Somebody make that comic. Meanwhile Justin kept busy with his own musical projects under the the name British whale he released a cover of the spark song. This town big enough for the both of US tours. That was fun however my favorite Solo a moment by Justin has to be when he joined up with British rb and soul singer Beverley Brown for the song. They don't make them like they used to which they submitted did for the bid to represent the U K in the world famous. Yiddish fucking. Love your overs. We've got made fun of so much for. Oh no naughty little French kids fuck understand that we don't have shit the America. We have absolutely nothing like everyone. American idol fuck that no it w and compare and like we don't even get yet eurovision broadcast on TV here. We don't get like we can.

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