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These testes could become cancerous one day and so we should remove them when she's super young too young to remember the surgery to avoid unnecessary trauma. Whatever so what you'll find out after from medical studies that continually come out. I'm now thirty one years old of course. Medicine advances light years every decade. We know a lot more now than we did. Then but when you look at the studies the chances of someone with complete injured in infants. Timberlake me to actually get testicular. Cancer are only five percent and so because of a five percent chance that i might get cancer at some point in my life. They decided that it would be good to intervene on me and remove part of my body that not only determined my ability one whether top children but these are my hormone producing organs so they would have produced actually testosterone net because my body does not respond to testosterone. Because i don't respond to enter the hormones my body one of converted it to estrogen. Naturally it's kind of like a superpower that i have as an intersex person and my body developed. Naturally my tessies would have produced hormones. My body would have absorbed them in a way that my body is able to. And i would've develops naturally as a human being but then removing those organs essentially put me into for lack of a better word menopause as a child. Because when you think of someone going through menopause as an adult because the hormone levels start to decrease their body stops producing the amount of hormones that they've been used to for very many years for my body. They removed these organs and so my body basically was at ground. Zero was not producing certain hormones. From when i was a kid and similar things that you think about with menopause mental fog hot flashes depression. Lack of clarity all these things i experienced as a child and also one thing that happens when people go through menopause and i'm careful to say people because it's not just women menopause. It happens regardless of gender. Just happened to do which anatomy are born with. When people go through menopause. They often will have to take calcium or supplemental. Vitamins and minerals. Because when your hormones get affected that also affects your bone density and so when intersex kids when they remove hormone producing organs that also affects our bone density and.

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