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Also another thing to think about is butlers like this is a nieto slave narrative as separate from her feet offer futures in work and tony morrison's beloved is another one that's considered a nieto slave narrative mug works in the mid to late twentieth century and early 21st posts mostly post civil rights movement that are works of historical fiction working in this slave narrative framework um right so that's a lot of butlers legacy on her work often deals with a hierarchies and there's an essay she wrote called it a world without racism where she says simple pet quarter bullying is the only is only the beginning of the kind of hierarchical hierarchical behavior that can lead to racism sexism ethnocentrism classes them and all the other ism's that caused so much suffering in the world and there are so many other interviews where she liked drops herve per boat leaf that hierarchy is this in the flaw in human reasoning and a lot of her more more sought like explicitly sifi works deal with like different species mingling and kind of like tolerance and diversity and openmindedness as like an evolutionary step in humankind it might not be a thing that we get to without the influence of like cultures we haven't even dreamed of yet which i find kinda fascinating so let's take a quick break and then get into the book other was it later this week overdo it supported by our good friends at zero box again again how they're here again and very generous of them and that's good kaziro box keeps going like week after week um they bring you grip stories written by selling an awardwinning teams of writers kind of like a tv shows writer's room no i heard that um that somebody called them the hbo of.

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