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So it looks very different from the game because obviously the. Going on almost twenty years ago. Yeah aches it's crazy. Yeah. So I, feel like every publisher has said after their latest showcase stay tuned for more showcases from us. This summer I think he'd be soft as one of those who also said that maybe we'll get something in the coming months. I. Mean Games couple opening night live is this month at the End of the month I. Don't know I don't know what's happening with this game. I don't really I've never played beyond good and evil. So it's not like I have something that I'm really excited about it but hearing you talk about it in here and everyone was talking about it. I want to be excited by nothing about it. What's even happening? There's pigs. So there is a pig. Jade's uncle. So it's weird. I was actually just thinking it's been. So long since I've played this game I downloaded it through my library on my xbox one and I think I'm gonNA, Stream ooh. It's been so long since I've played and I was like you know what I bet you a lot of people have never seen as games I think this would be a good stream game. And one is gonNA added to the list on I are working gonNa right through halo beyond good and evil know still got to play some grounded lots lots to do. Apparently, we gotta meet up with Zombie and place him dead by daylight God Yeah Oh. Boy We've got a we've got a long list of things to play and watch Brittany. We gotta get on this I. Know It's true. I'm except for all the spooky things though. To get you live spooky season is just around the corner and then yeah, let's get to those low this low of the day. So my my cell, the friends, you will appreciate this. So this is a twitter thread from Danish words DA S. C. H. W. A. R. T.. Z.. Z.. Give credit where credit is due. So this is what she said. It's a twitter thread. Okay. This is a threat, but it's worth it I promise on read it today User No, no Oh no, no no that's interesting. Posted a page from acclaimed Irish novelist John Joins latest book the traveler at the gates of wisdom. So John Boyne. Is the author of the boy in the striped pajamas? The hearts invisible furious ladder to the sky traveler at the gates of wisdom etc. That means something to me by I know there's people out there. What is So in this book, there's of just a part where they're tarring to die something red, and this is the paragraph the Diet that I use in my dress making were composed of various ingredients depending on the color required almost all required nightshade. Sapphire key swing, the leaves of the silent Princess. Anne awestruck eyeballs with violet thistle in a high tail Lizard, and then the red ideas for stress I employed spicy pepper, the tail of the Red Liz all and four highly in shrooms. So. If you've played all their even breath the wild. Ingredients so someone caught this. And Dana, where to Google and typed in Google ingredients, red dye clothes, and the top red dye ingredients that come up Google automated results, Apple Spicy Pepper Healing Trim Century, my Ruby fire keys wing and read this awful tail and that she continues and says so while John Boyne was doing a search for how did I close he only did close read he found a site listed monster parts and accidentally put them in his very serious book. I am very embarrassed for him and this is my nightmare, but it's also very. Funny, and then the author saw this and responded and says L. Well, that is actually kind of hilarious. I'm totally willing to own it. Something tells me he'll be telling this answer on onstage for many years to come, and then he said sometimes, you just got up their hands up and say up my bad and then he later tweeted that he's going to have to put Zelda in there and his little What's it called when you have your thank you page is there's a name for it and I'm brain farting. At the at the beginning of the book Yahweh. Andrew that being out either way either way I thought that was really cute and really funny and I was like, Haha. Those are all ingredients and you put the book put also like could you maybe go beyond like the first thing you find on Google? You know maybe Click acknowle can read. It's very clearly we looked at the Google came from a polygon article like make just Click Click the wink and read the full article you would've seen. From freaking Zelda but I do love that he's just like well, you got me Ella. Because if he had tried to like do any other response was I'd lean in and laughing at himself I think the Internet would have tore him. Oh I would've loved to see them tried to justify lasalle an eyeball. I would love Ya Austin that I would love using any. Oh, I just thought that was a cute little adorable story in a good little chuckle. No I like it excess. Odyssey's in the chat where was the editors? Maybe, the editors number Zelda either and they had no idea they just thought the author was being very, very fantastical and creative. Read this offering. So. Good. Oh my goodness indeed. We have a couple in case you missed it. But before we get to that, I wanted to quickly talk about this cool product that was sent to me by a PR team so you guys may have seen on Friday. A bunch of reviews went live for this device called the covert, Gangqi so the Yankees the name of the company that makes it and it's called the covert doc. So it's four year Nintendo switch. So they reached out to me and said, Hey, we see that you play a lot of switch. Would you be interested in checking out the stock and I was like, well, what is it like? Well, it's designed to be a replacement or Supplemental Doc for.

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