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Are cooking up somebody but there's a couple of Fighters that are like that but right now it seems like a lot of the fighters are what you should fight for the money absolutely, but I'm going to tell you right off like more money moves than ever before like some people like unless I'm getting there something I find that guy might find a guy and before I just seem like fuck it. I'll fight anybody. You know, you know back in the day. I just felt like if you going to fight somebody you should just be like well fucking let's go but now it's like yeah, but I don't know. Yeah, there's too many people picking and choosing. Yeah pigs choosing. Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly right before we ever thing is the other aspect of that is there's you have a very small window of opportunity while you're a fighter. So, you know, you have just a couple of years. I guess like being an NFL lineman, you know, the the average is what two or three years and a lot of Fighters don't need the last that long, you know, so you have a very small window of opportunity. If they're waiving some money over your fucking those take it, you know, all right, speaking of ways before we leave so word is you know, your Romero got cut from the UFC now they're saying he might fight Tito Ortiz and combate Don. Is this a good idea? 40 do it is absolutely why does he get the money? You know, I got some money people will feel about that. Yeah. I don't think I'm sorry what's the name y'all Romero Romero he was great you know seven or ten years ago but it's just lost it he just don't give a shit anymore I don't think you know so you didn't you know can win yeah I think Tito can win yeah Cheetos Cheetos got off the intelligence you know you know Comes A Time and the Fighter's career where everything does mental you know he was dead so much to the physical fighting that you know you go in and say you know I'm going to win to like her job I want to lose an ounce of acquaintances you know I'm just not getting paid enough you know blah blah blah and you get put a bad situation then you use this tap you know cuz you're not getting the money used to get it's not worth the possibility of injury has that did that happen to you at all or no yeah it happened to me I hate to admit it but it happened to me yeah now when you watch the Tyson fight did you get inspired to get back in there I know I didn't see it I was appealing worth a shit that night so I couldn't go down the to my friends and watch it so I just laying in bed feeling sorry for myself I can look pretty good man he looked great and now that now he's going to fight Holyfield they're saying so that's that's scary man that scary you know cuz I know there's no rule between either one of those guys I don't think you know so yeah she'll be good now yeah there's there's no there's no exhibition involved in that fight you know those guys that don't come come to you know knock each other's heart out you know But I thought what are your thoughts on Logan Paul vs Mayweather?.

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