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Sports talk Chick Ludwig alongside the great Tim McGee. We've got about 11 minutes left, and we want to run through all the great fans who have patiently waited to get on 700 wlw with us and we start with Greg and Mount Airy. Hi, Greg. No way. Take exact Taylor another season and I'll tell you why. And you were younger. This Eric Me check goes back to that first Cleveland game. Exact Hatboro. Throw the ball 60 times. Uh, many other people said that would be sustainable and was gonna get Joe borrow hurt. In order to hold. We know that that came the past. So you know his mishandling of a girl. You know, we didn't try to run the ball. They not really try to run about not any game he within Jack even said well, He was called out on that well, he gives us the best chance to win. Well, that may be true, but it also gives us the best chance for him to get hurt so well, no other reason why he need to go from this handling in the most valuable asked at the bingo was half, which is coarse and job, Earl. What do you think? Some good points? No question about it says, But it's his opinion that in thank you for the call. It's his opinion that Zach should go. But there's there's there's so many factors so many you're right and inside the building. We only know a handful and from from The personnel department from the players how they feel inside the locker room. How they feel. Is it really do they really truly feel that he can get it done and you have to check the temperature of the locker room? I mean, I'm pretty sure Mike and Katie them will have and talk this certain players and they'll give him the real deal. No doubt. Bills and eaten Bill. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you guys. Uh, Would comment. Uh, I really was stated got being and me. I think you're gonna make a great head coach. I'll leave it at that. I got a question for pin he was mentioned about credited years earlier. Mean years. Do you have to have a credit before? Like you girl, The NFL Pitch three. It's three now and actually, they went back. It used to be four. And this new collective bargain agreement. They kicked it back the three and so you can get your get your pension on that. But again, the pension is not Retirement mean it's a retirement plan, but it's not like you're getting ah, lot of lot of money depending on and depending on when you take it. You take it early. 45 55 55 is normal. 65 is you know you're the longer you wait, the more cash you'll get, and they've got an awesome matching program on 401 K. And that that started Towards the end of my career. Yes. Oh, because it there was a guy that came in for just like three weeks and he made like 36 grand put right through his right to his retirement. Ira. Yeah, boss or 401 K. All right. Appreciate to call that's outstanding. Is this Daniel in Middletown? Hi, guys. I appreciate you taking the time and taking my call. Yeah, um, for exact goes, I'm just gonna say this. The two the two different styles that he put forth on his two wins coming into this last game. Um, I thought gave him an opportunity to keep his job. But I'm hearing that that might not be the case. Now, uh, out of all the possibilities out there. Do we really think that we're going to get really respectable coach? I personally believe that we already have the person in out. Um and he is the special teams coach. He has been there for very long time. He's his department is the perennial top 10 department. And look what John Harbaugh. Well, does that special teams coach So Daniel State? I've known Darrin Simmons a long time. You know, they're my entire 12 years. You know, covering the club. I love the guy. Okay, um I believe in him. If the Bangles don't hire him as the is a head coach, I'm hoping he gets an opportunity in the National Football League because that's where John Hardball came from. He was the Eagle Special teams coach. Sharon Simmons is organized. He runs a tight ship. He's a communicator. I loving period rock chalk Jayhawk. I can't agent terrible. Get me the vic Top. Stop your 123 drafted. He gets all the urn. Draft picks, you know. Hey, hey, put the top him. Special teams out there every year. I can't see the bangle getting up more respectable coach than that, man. I just can't. Well, you know that name as a You know, he's like you hate to see him get pigeonholed all he's just a special teams coach. Now he does have the title and hopefully it came with some or cash is the assistant head coach. Okay, but I love the guy. I'm bias. While he bit the sister for a while now, he was just just another Morgan, too. Well, he was even an assistant forever. You know, he's been around a long time. Yes, and he should be the next head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals period. Now, Eric Enemy would have been great, but I believe he will be taken off the market this year. No question about that. No doubt, no doubt. All right, Daniel. Good stuff. Appreciate it. How about this check? The Dolphins just secured the number three pick in the draft. Did they really have the trade with the Texans? Yeah, the biggest consul The left tackle, or yes. How about that? You barely missed the playoffs. What did they tended six or something like that? Yes. And I get the number three pick in the draft. That's right. Wow. They They unloaded a bunch of players for Yeah, they're they're building something Brian floor is I know you like him a lot there that arrow's pointed up, there's no doubt And Bob on the A F. C playoffs. Bob, I can't wait for the postseason brother. Changing too intriguing games and they have see next week is gonna be Indian Buffalo and also the Baltimore Tennessee. War. That is all my gosh. We saw what happened last year. You're right. I I'm looking at the TV and I'm there. Please, Tennessee get it. I want to see Derrick Henry again. He ran over something today. He had Oh, who cops yards again. He's just throwing guys with that stiff arm. It's the most devastating stiff arm I've ever seen. How quickly How do you see the indie before a game? Oh, I think buffalo is Buffalo's Yeah. Bob blows on the road. He can get the right time and Last year. I say buffalo all the way. Man. Love him. Love the Bills Mafia. How about Derrick Henry today? 250 yards, two touchdowns. 34 carries. Wow. He just He's a beast. Wow. Yeah. Bobbitt's Can't wait for the post season here who deal and the Green Bay Packers have the number one seed in the NFC, So you gotta go play on.

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