USWNT Gains Victory Over Nigeria as Olympic Cuts Loom



Going to start things with our good friend julie foudy who joins jones's right now julie. How are you ads. How're you. We're doing great. You're great job silly killing it killing it but we want to talk to you about the. Us women's national team. They played night against nigeria. They got the victory to nil. Until just we're going to check the highlights and get your impressions your opinions on what you saw last night. What do you make of the game. i think it was a little bit of a slog. This will turn it. It was it was caught on purpose. Because it's going to be like that. When they had over to japan and tokyo of course but they did get two goals against nigeria. And that last game. Do you want to run through all the highlights. We do it. Yeah we're watching right now They controlled possession. A lot of a lot of attempts. But we were talking about this a little bit christen and then lynn williams to actually hurt complete. The score to nail will seek guarded. Lloyd involving that play again. That's a very difficult finish christian press. Who's been honestly one of the better players in this one of the better players last night of really good finish And she was active. All night you see. They're making again. Tell us about what you saw last night. Yeah she was lively really active right and then you saw when lynn williams came on the pace right there that we know that lynn williams possesses. And guess who gave you that bowl work. I didn't pratt so i've not kristen. Press actually showed very well in this summer series. Three games and that was huge lynn williams. Because we'll talk about it a little later but then williams is fighting to get into that squad of eighteen which is so tight coming off having twenty-three for world cup to have to then shock that to eighteen to go over for olympic with such a tight turn in terms of games on the schedule there. That's a tough one.

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