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Did you fire back that every by mike you're on your noda everybody why eight all alleged true because like just like everybody blockade the saying hey just like everybody's blocked not as saying i got more white building he got black sure you have no idea how many black rennes i have had a that's an other assertion you make your donation you don't buy known me and you don't know donald trump and at the end at the end of the day as a pleasure hang up on you you don't know me you don't know trump and you don't know this country and you're shameful and i and i and i'm sad for you and i'm sad for us rule district were you work where you could influence the minds of children i folks i'm scott janssen the mushin' mortician owner of janssen funeral homes has an alaskan mortician since 1985 i've wanted to started was like elegance as fast as the hawks they should fight when i started my konare naughty eighty nine chose organize an investigation to racism touring india ruehe dead and i moved to alaska thirty years ago from a small tone minnesota folks in the valley remind me of our whom with people that help when help is needed some weakest opened janssen's mat su funeral the largest funeral facility in the state when you drive the parks highway look north just a mile west of trump grow our chapel seats more than three hundred we have a large reception two in fact it looks more home than funeral strange as it may sound would be a great place the leading or any other large gathering their celebration if you live in the value experience death for austria recommendation choose janssen's what is your dream vacation here to slow vying cabin.

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