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The world have developed a pretty clear understanding of kim genuince capability we talk about him having the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon to the united states in a matter of a handful of months mike pompeo head of the cia took into the bbc's golden career you're listening to ustr from the bbc world service china clear lawrence pull our would you this morning and if you're joining us from new york good evening or good morning to you depending on whether you're up or not and thanks for tuning in on wnyc here are the main headlines this hour the kenyan government has shut down tv stations to prevent coverage of a highly contentious ceremony to swear in the opposition leader as president after disputed elections the head of the cia has warned of growing chinese espionage after efforts in the united states and europe and as you're about to hear catalonia's parliament will decide today whether to reappoint carlos put you on as regional president first let's get sports headlines now with matthew kenny awesome vagueness olshey shipley doesn't know what's going to happen with pierre emmerick bum yang the gun as have agreed a fee and personal terms which told with the borussia dortmund star dortmund's insist they want to replacement before he goes which could me lots of twists and turns on the way the end of transfer window is tomorrow night and strong words from russian olympic speedskater olca graf who won two bronze medals at such a games as she turned down the chance to compete at pyong chang this year as a socalled olympic athlete from russia that's the definition to allow clean competitors to take part whilst penalizing russia's statesponsored doping programme as detailed by the mclaren report she's furious that a number of colleagues also clean have not been allowed so she's not going he is a quote as an athlete and as a citizen i was extremely negative about the decision of the ioc to admit russia to the olympic games only under a neutral flag nevertheless i was ready to defend the owner of the country but we learned that the majority of our athletes will not be able to perform which means that all my hopes in the struggle for the olympic pedestal would not come true the sport has become a bargaining chip in dirty political games view from russia has become okay matthew kenya with apple many many thanks in the comfort.

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