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Never had to get. We never got a genuine moment between the three of us where we all really new. I met knew right away like he was yelling, we remain a million and we parked. I said, we sold out thirty minutes, yell, looking at Nick, Nick aside five people, and I knew something was going on because the ring of honor crew all staring at they all knew something. Everyone kept saying congratulations guys, but I don't believe I waited until Gary came up to me, but even I didn't even believe Gary. He goes, he goes, it's official. We can sell out and this is twenty nine minutes after it went on sale and it wasn't like amaze you, you guys don't know this. I went at the signing at the autograph signing that night. There's a line of people and like one person you pay, I'm all in and they got their ticket and I was like, oh, that's great. And right now the first game I'm all in we. We didn't get what we wanted, but we got our ticket. Sounds like damn, I left the signing and I went and I broke down in tears in the room behind the for a while. I left her because it was so I could very well. I couldn't handle it and I did neither denied I didn't. I was like, nah, you finally accepted it. Yeah, she a famous story nineteen seventy eight kissed played the Anaheim stadium, and same story owes kiss whatever and they sold out like in twenty minutes, fifty thousand people. And the gave everybody button that said kiss and I'm stadium I was there. Yeah. Yeah. I'm all in all in where we got. Right, we got it. People. People need to know that they were part of something insurance because, like I said, once again, the greatest of all time, it was not easy time. So let's so what's great about the whole thing is that we only announce some of the talent, not even a match just aims just so that's proof that they didn't like what we offered them, what we were selling them. It was more than a professional wrestling. Right? Like you said it was a movement. It was something special. It was a feeling we wanted to be like twenty minutes before I before tickets. People didn't even know Ray was on the show if it must say, watch the, they're buying raise when my greatest friends when my greatest rivals, I don't think it mattered. You guys made it all in. It was all in. It could be, it could be you and you know, five popcorn sellers firm for ROY and it doesn't matter. You guys made it the place to be like even with my crews. Like for me, I made the place to be for seventy five percent, and then I got hit a wall. Now I need matches thinking you guys didn't have to worry. About that. I know. And that's did you even have any matches in mind a few we. We have a couple cards like together, but the problem is not a problem because we're friends, but one of the issues is that has to be three thumbs up really hard to get through guys. Thirty three and a third percent. Yeah, really hard to get three. It's not like Unani. It's gotta be full blown three thumbs up. Just you guys. Wow, that's yeah. We literally text twenty four sweet literally booked on kelce today on the. Told me that's a smart call by the way. So so. So you guys didn't have to worry about any matches because he sold. We we announce, I guess, technically one match, but it wasn't even it was, are we didn't know what the match is going to be. It was announced that we'd have an indoor title. That's why we brought Billy think is great with you. Yes, that's obviously your family's legacy and the like not being a jerk, but envy eight titled to me, wouldn't really mean as much. Sure. I didn't have a dad that was one of the for you though. That's and people know that. So that's cool. So that I thought was a great idea. Maybe it's Nick all this or maybe it's whoever, but that's kind of a hook, but you didn't even need it. It was already done. Like if I could, it was already what was going to happen. What's going to happen?.

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