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Audible and yes apple podcasts. So that is the main events. Arrest of the main car for ballots are neiman gracie as back taking mark. Lemon jer that is the co main event alejandro. Lara's back taking on dna bennett. Who missed wade today. saw rogers three pounds. Georgie carquinez take on rogers. That's a fun fight. And then the main card open up. With ben paris taking on john jones protege christian edwards who has a lot of potential at five dollars student is an explosive explosive individuals. So a lot of a lot of debut fighters a lot of fighters wanna know. Oh to the prelims. Some fresh meat so to speak. And then we Experience gets a little bit bitter bigger and bigger and better on the way up the main card so any other bella tour fight standouts you. They just like oh forget the ufc. I'm watching that fight. I i don't know. if i'd go. That far we have a gracie popping up we have holland holland gracie will be on the prelims. I think is you his debut. Not miss. I'm pretty sure he's he's not as pro debut abilities beltway. Dsm yeah. He hasn't fought in fourteen years. Well so young. He's only thirty four so interesting so apparently tried to have made things sometime ago and guess it didn't work out. You can always you can always go home again as it were but yeah i mean. I'm very excited. Of course one hundred and deanna benefits ashamed. That bennett did this weight. And by such a such a pretty wide amount but putting that aside for now really nice competitive fight I think law. I still see lara. Someone who can be like. I know she's had her shot at the flyweight title. She's i think she's still developing. I think this could be a future. Champion is someone who like. She's had her shots. She's been pushed pretty hard by belts. Were already but i think he sticks with it. She has the kind of like skill set and confidential to make it and certainly the charisma that bells who wants a champion someone that they would want to push to the top so Really looking forward to that by indiana. Ben it's always fun to watch so again..

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