SEC, John Kelly, Tennessee discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Hour Two: Butch Jones' future


In beni snell technically in fundamentally has not been as good in the back field as he was a year ago i would expect eighty grade to lean on him tomorrow try and get him going are respectively the weather the conditions are going to be your tomorrow's gonna be kolpos supposed to snow here tomorrow night in kentucky so i i think that maybe they got off to a little bit of a hotter start than we expected sorta bought into kentucky and maybe now we're seeing more of a reality of what this team isn't who this team isn't that is one that still from a depth perspective is going to struggle against a lot of sec opponents especially late in the season color talk about the impact of john kelly missing this game for tennessee he has been the workhorse of an offense that is really not very good but without him what are they i don't know paul and listed there there's talent in the backfield for tennessee but the first thing that comes to my mind when you take away a starting running back is ok you're going to change and protection you're gonna have to limit the playbook a little bit more you're going to have to add more bodies in the protection get get the football out quickly those are all things that tennis been doing anyway so i i don't know what you limit to what you already have limited if you're tennessee offensively i think you'll see a lot of screens a lot of draws busy a lotta zone read from the quarterback position simple plays easy plays it at least give them an option and give them something else that could go right on a particular play if there's one breakdown but this offensive line does not been good the entire season i don't expect that to change against kentucky's fronts seven tomorrow now you're going with the younger backed that may be more prone to blowing an assignment going the wrong way not picking up the right gone to blitz package so i think this is going to be a real struggle for tennessee tomorrow and i would love to sit here and tell you that we'll see more simplistic playbook we'll see them down the back pull its bid dial back.

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