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Okay. Let's say on the record yet no no I would physically assaulted there. I don't see anything that John could do. That would make me not speak to him because I am this again will come full circle of how he treated the draft after the fact he also knows that but I did definitely threatened to physically assaulted I. Would I very much wanted to be in this but I would never. I would never be mad at John. I wouldn't be mad at him. I was going to solve you. Know that I, wasn't it wasn't like I'm. Actually mad also just physically assault each other all the time you guys are so God damn. So did you hear about so fucking weird. Did you hear what rea- said I don't think the cameras rolling at so hank originally told me he was like 'cause he thought John was going to draft me. So he was like if you WanNa stay in the draft or like in the Stream stadium, he's like that's fine and also well, it's all the captains. He's like we'll just go to the side so I went and like was like hugging drawn like fine fucking. refiling. This is so fucked. fucking winner and she's like Y'all's relationship is so toxic I. Don't fucking get it and I was like, Damn Rea- tell us how you really feel. So jared speaking after this after this. John drafted me if he picked like a random person and he also he also he also text me. And said, he did the coin flip and that three times in a row? It picked you. He was like fate decided yet because we've been part. Daddy and I can't to enough. I wasn't actually mad. I was more that I didn't get to play but I, I wasn't actually mad. John comes out immediately. Of course, all the cameras around like waiting for John Come out there and per usual There's some attempts at hitting each other and I haven't even said Word I did not say one thing yet. He comes right over to my desk I attempted to physically assault him and he just goes if I, win you can have my five grand I didn't say anything I didn't say I was mad at him I didn't say like I said excuse me. If I win, you can have my five rand okay. The worst negotiator fulltime, I wouldn't have even thought about that. I honestly thought I was just going to get to like slap him for the stole scenes here and then move on ninety percent of the people in his office. They're not going to get to play Jenga in this thing it's a it's a two person time for twelve ten or twelve teams whatever it is. There's so many people don't get to play. There's no reason as his money I didn't even ask. For it, that's what's so insane and I looked at him and I said. So what you're telling me is that you think that my short term temporary rath that will clearly be over with as soon as we hit the bar they as soon as we leave this office, like we're GONNA. Go drink together and all I'm not care my short term wrath to you is worth less than five grand and I'm so scared of you that I would rather just five grant. Do you know how that is. Yeah. I would never give somebody five grand just for them. Not to be mad at the why is what is going on a real? She can hire you. You say you're not mad scared to the point that he is something must be going on if he's He you know this you've been partners with them for ten years. As you've pointed out, John would rather be inconvenienced than have anybody be potentially mad at. One point at one point said, he would work for half of his salary I mean let's let's put it like he would rather be inconvenienced himself. They'd have any type of uncomfortable situation. I can't say I mean I was actually going to Adam and I definitely was going to hit him but I hit him on a daily basis and he hits me on a daily basis you were going to be mad no I wasn't with what else has transpired in this office this week I can promise you I was actually going to that I had an anger. I had enough anger come out earlier this week we're good here. I'm not going to talk about I really would not like to spend my Friday before my birthday speaking of the drama that happened earlier this week. I'm care for your birthday. I don't WANNA go I. don't care about my birthday really but I don't I don't want to sit here and talk about drama and and be quoted on the Internet. I'd rather just have a nice radio show Saturday don't don't give any opinions just tell the story you can't say that there's drama and then not. I didn't. Has Barstool Fan. I would just say this I. Know it. I did not appear on unnecessary roughness week Whoa like I just there was there was one host that was there and one that was not oh wow I did not know that. Yes. So anyways, it became a whole wing. So I was real. This is real beef this is not like. Unless you say that there are over. Are you going to be this week? Yes I will be on it on Sunday. Let's you say. Yes There will sparks fly our podcast will continue to go on per normal. Yes. But I will say this you both be like gritting your teeth and just let me let me put it this way and I will explain it when we get to commercial break and you can decide if you I should say on air not the there were videos that. Guys did not. Put Out. WHOA, you guys like this is too much. In and other people that would make decisions like that. Yes. There were there worldview to yes. Oh so little finger to not WANNA stir anger. That is correct. anyways back to me actually being mad at John. I could not yesterday I was just happy to get out of the office like I did the NFL show yesterday morning and dion then crashed the dime package which I have to tell you the story later to. What he he not like athletes use different names for themselves whenever they check into hotels. He told US whole story of like he and I'm not gonNA butchery does just pull up the clip the creativity that went in Dion, sanders hotels, names, I died but anyways, I just needed to get out of here. So when I stayed for the draft I ate during the draft cause I was so hungry and then I was just GonNa Leave I. Wasn't actually mad and then I left with potential of five grand and I told John I said I know you're not GonNa purposely throw this because really wants that five grand central if me having a grand just to not be mad at John Is. Great. And I can't believe he's Rio is she's like what the fuck is wrong with you. John I'm a pussy. That's what he just kept saying over and over as I would have never asked for that five K is a lot of money and like Jenga is like neither of us are bad at it and Jenga's pretty much crap shoot. It's basically like. Is it your team's turn when the tower is like totally fucked? So like anybody can really win there's not that many teams. Like. This season Jot at the money. So it's not like he was like. Yeah. You can have my fucking powerball ticket. Is Never GonNa hit. and. Then he said, I said that to him and he was like. He was like, yeah, like but I don't know we're probably not going to win and I was like, fuck that like I think we're GonNa win and he goes you know I think we have a good shot to. Do. You also could win. He also made a he made a decent point. He was like you and I both know that that five grand just GonNa go to a bar tab like Slowly but surely like you'll just be paying for my bar, Tab which happens. So jared. There's a waiver wire period where. Captain can drop somebody and pick up a new player. So if somebody's not happy with I, don't know are we gonna like practice or something like how is anybody? It's three weeks into the actual. Oh, in the season. For three weeks someone's not happy. They can drop their player and then pick up another. Case? No I'm not going to do it. Because then then that would negate my five grand yeah. No no I'm not going to if I get picked up. You're right you. Know, what if you make it to the finals then you're against us then you're guaranteed five yes. But the idea that I could not fuck up at all I could not have any infractions no violations that I could still win money like that to me is a better opportunity because I know that you're not gonNA fuck up because you're really good at it and you want that five grand really badly. So I can just sit and wait for money but if Iraq but if you'll lose it doesn't it's like whatever like I wasn't going to make it anyways. If I go if you take the stress of playing well, I would have until now that I know I could potentially make five brand for no reason but I'm just saying if you do play a good clean couple rounds of Jenga and you're on the other side of our bracket, you might ensure yourself five grand. No matter what that is true. But the probability of that happening versus me doing something stupid in the drama of doing some stupid like..

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