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About research, education and support. Crones colliders foundation dot or g'kar time to see what Mickey Ferguson's working on over at Fox six on this Thursday morning, Sunshine back home a key? Yes, sir, coming back into play, and we need it because it's gonna be a cold day. We've had feels like temperatures in the twenties this morning, and we are expected to make it into the mid forties with clearing skies. But even this afternoon feeling like it's in the thirties, with the wind blowing Tonight slows down to 27 tomorrow mostly sunny skies highs in the mid fifties on Friday from the W B, R c first alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning news Right now we do have partly cloudy and 36 NewsRadio 1055 company we are see. Hey, 24. It is Alabama's morning news. I'm JT devastation because of the EF three heard character Hurricane tornado that went through 150, Mile Hour and Palmdale and center point. And, yes, a governor ivy talking about how we're no stranger to this. Alabama is no stranger. The damage Mother Nature is capable of handing out Just last year we experienced several tropical stones and two extremely Powerful hurricanes that cause Hundreds of millions of dollars. Damaged Gulf coast in the place. This place thousands of citizens. During that time I was state actively..

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