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And the rest is history where are you from originally i'm from hanford like central california and then we'll take me back to that time what was that like the transition what about like friends and family and stuff or or girlfriend or whatever people like just what are you doing man like you're gonna go where you're gonna go sacramento and do what yeah gonna fight like this guy is starting to jim and i'm going to become a fighter people by like with the right what the hell why i think at that time it was there was so much buzz and excitement about the youth see because it was still in the in the new phase year are we talking about two thousand eight so you know the the the ultimate fighter show with with yeah the big fights that got everybody excited and you know those already happened and or where you know right around that era and you know people were just like oh man you're going into the ufc like so cool and i'm just like i don't know what the hell i'm doing like i'm gonna go compete i'm gonna try like i have a have a degree in kinesiology i'm going to try to if i suck at it you know or just absolutely hate it i'll go get a real job but you know let's go test it out and i ended up being good at it and thought it was pretty fun so ended up sticking with it i think it's been almost eleven years now ten ten years what was you riot favors jim like because you know you right obviously very highly successful now and he's got a second version of his jim but even the first version of his jim was was pretty was a pretty nice setup what did that look like in those early days that jim was a lot smaller than the one that we're now but it was basically you'd walk in you'd have a couple offices right there on the left hand side downtown sacramento downtown downtown forces all matt's basically yeah pretty much like you walk into the right and it's all like.

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