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To change to all rain by the afternoon rain could be heavy at times as our high tops out at forty it is thirty four degrees right now still waiting for an update from police but a swat standoff in west what ended this morning was someone being taken to the hospital officers were called out just after midnight last night after shots were heard inside an apartment building on Glenn way Avenue when police arrived at the scene a number of shots were reportedly fired at them it is not believed any officers were injured an investigation is underway into identity theft of fifth third bank company says a handful of former employees are suspected of stealing customers information including name social security numbers and bank account numbers thanks as all customers affected have been notified two men are behind bars accused of having sex with a sycamore high school student and we can share Stephanie's a forty seven year old dog Cheryl's and twenty seven year old Jose Ruiz paid the fourteen year old for sexual activity sycamore resource officer found out what was going gone after taking the teenagers phone and finding explicit messages she Reynolds is already a registered sex offender in Allen county she said the opportunity was too good to pass up Amy Murray is going from city council to the trump administration where she will service director of the department of defense for small business programs as she made that announcement in a press conference Monday Murray was asked by bill Cunningham if she would consider another run for public office when the time comes for her to move on from her new role I would never say never never say die and but I'm definitely focus right now on the department of defense and the work that I can do there on Cincinnati is certainly our long term home your first day in Washington is March sixteenth Chris Smither manager pastor will help Murray and appointing a replacement I'm Sean Gallagher newsradio seven hundred.

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