27 Possible Voter Fraud Cases in 3 Million Wisconsin Ballots


Wisconsin is among the GOP led states that are holding audits of the November presidential election but state records reveal a minuscule number of potentially fraudulent ballots the Associated Press has obtained documents that report every suspicious ballot flagged by local clerks and reported to Wisconsin state officials there were twenty seven twenty seven out of three point three million ballots cast which in no way could have impacted the outcome of the election there were five instances reported where someone voted absentee and then voted in person still Wisconsin lawmakers have ordered an audit prompting a Senate Democrats there to tell colleagues they need to stop spreading the big lie an audit is also coming in Fulton County Georgia now the judge agreed to unseal absentee ballots there to scrutinize for fraud allegations and the Maricopa county Arizona audit is ongoing but could lead to a lawsuit against partisan auditors I'm Jackie Quinn

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