The Disappearance Of Girly Chew Hossencofft

Ghost Town


Nine girly. Chew hodgson coughed failed to show up at the bank where she worked as a teller. Her co workers immediately became concerned about her welfare and reported her missing only ten minutes later. Investigators searched girl's apartment and discovered evidence of a violent struggle including pools of blood that someone attempted to clean up with bleach testing later determined that the blood and the apartment was from girly her estranged husband and a third identified source. Today were talking about the disappearance of girly chew hostile and coughed and the absolute absolute insanity that surrounds her disappearance and murder. Honestly this episode. Has it all girly. Chew hossan coughed was born on august. Twenty seventh nineteen sixty three in malaysia. She would periodically come to the us to visit on one such visit in the early nineteen nineties. She met a doctor deanne dan. Hopefully someone will correct me on that. It is not a name. I've seen very often hossan coughed. At seaworld they began to talk than they kind of struck up a friendship. Writing letters to each other and eventually girly moved to the us and married him in nineteen ninety-two daisy. What's called daisy daesean. And gurley were married in one thousand. Nine hundred three and settled in albuquerque new mexico you know seemingly a modern love story in january nineteen ninety nine girly moved out of the couple's home and filed for divorce after domestic violence incident where dasy and had smashed cars windshield but twice threatened to kill her as well. She knew that he had been unfaithful previously. But she wasn't sure what he was capable of curly also made contact with an fbi agent. Who is serving her which opened up the floodgates to a whole bunch of information that she had no idea about. She was scared she was paranoid. She began taking karate lessons for self-defence girly told her co worker. That if anything happened to her anything at all to immediately contact authorities and ask them to investigate deion he was not the person she thought he was so who was jazzy in hossan

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