The Big Hormone Deception With Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Break The Rules


Lindsey things coming on the show and you are one of my biggest heroes and if you could just give us a little bit of background about who you are. What got you doing this working in the world's thank very much. I really enjoy that. We both live in the same city. And i hope we get to go canoeing together soon. So it's very interesting. How all this unfolded. Is that early on in my life. Nutrition just made a lot of sense to me. So i became a nutritionist and then i went further into medicine and i did my first rotation and integrative medicine with dr jonathan right in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and he's not later became known as the father of bio identical hormones so in that rotation he said hormones are foundational. This was in my very early. Training hormones are foundational. They run everything. They're not just about sexy things they're not just about reproductive things. They run our epigenetics. They run our immune system. They run our kidneys. They run our brain. Functioned the volume of our hippie campus. Where memories live and cognition is bright or not and so. I got respect early on for hormones in the next year after i did his rotation. He opened up his meridian valley laboratory. Which in the beginning was mainly twenty four hour urine assessment but then it became other types of testing. And i've been running testing on my patients with hormones. Ever since nineteen seventy eight. Now that was in my career now while all this is happening in my own life. I was an athlete. My mother was state champion in illinois and tennis and in fencing and so i was raised to be an athlete and when i was about sixteen and a half seventeen i went to a theon sophy. Society meeting and scott nearing who kind of is credited with starting organic gardening in the united states was giving a lecture and he said you are what you eat. That may total sense to

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