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With the perfect the two thousand twenty grab a cincinnati bengals back. Go borough win games. And jason fitz shotgun. Snap tossed very runs it into the end zone for fakes and throws into the thomson of quarterback that i would say over joe burrow for these poor charter always down and he was in serious pain at the end of that play. I'm very confident that i'll be a developing story into. Nfl live is the doctor. Bengals quarterback joe burrow tells adam schefter. The borough is quote all systems. Go for the team. September twelve opener against the vikings confirming. What borough himself suspected. This news comes just about five. Months after borough underwent reconstructive left knee surgery grueling injury suffering november twenty second game against washington. What a way to start the show here on. nfl live. marcus. Fears and diana received hanging out with us for the next hour. Marcus huge update here on joe burrow. What's the reaction you have. This news evolving joey b. Tom absolutely excited for him. Listen joe burrow. Got off to a great start as a rookie. We saw some of the flashes. What he did at lsu and the success he was having at the beginning of that season even though we knew the cincinnati bengals situation. So i'm just happy for him bouncing back from this injury being able to be a goal or the regular season. And i'm sure the bengals fans coaches staff and everybody involved with that franchise are ecstatic. That he's been clear. Yeah i mean the enthusiasm in. Cincinnati must be through the roof. Hearing this news and really marcus like was week one. If joe burrow is going to start as inspected now. My question isn't about the quarterback or about demark as they took with their first pick in the draft this year. It's around the offensive line because taking chase over peninsula left. Tackle out of oregon. The bengals made a statement. They said we are okay with a group we have protecting joe burrow a group that minute finish twenty nine. Pass block win rate last year. Twenty four th adjusted staff ratio. I don't need to tissue wash them. You saw joe. Pearl was running for his life half the time. This was a calculated bet that williams the former first round draft pick can take another step forward at left tackle that riley read they signed in the offseason can help as well but there is immense pressure on this group to allow less pressure on joe burrow and got meal hunter week one khalil. Mack week to tj. What three. we're gonna find out really soon and there was a mistake. The past day Yeah meet at pressure on this offensive line unit and also pressure on their offensive line coach and also the decision makers who decided that it was more important for them to get. Joe burrow a weapon. Then it was to get him protection. When i spoke with sources in that organization in the weeks leading up to the draft it was explained to me that the priority was to get joe protection and also to get him a weapon right. The kept saying explained to communicate. It was sort of a two prong thing. He hadn't really decided it hadn't really hammered in the nail of what player they were to go with or at least what position so it didn't surprise me that they went with a weapon. Because i knew that that was at least on the board for what their need was. But you have this figure. There were people in that building who know that they need protection. They needed that offensive. Linemen and the organization decided that the receiver was way more valuable. So we'll see if this plays out so when we talk about pressure there's pressure on everyone starting with the person that made the call and one of the people responsible for reducing the pressure on joe burrow jackson carmen. Their second round pick at a clemson has signed his rookie. Leaving just to bengals rookies. Not no major cause for concern. Swaggie i kind of sometimes just watch show for your facial reactions and you had one that. I don't know that everybody watching the show can see. But i- kuban my direct camera on you when meena specifically we're talking. What do you make of this bengals decision to go. Wide receiver over offensive tackle. Pick five rained on my parade field. She rain on my parade. Borough coming back parade by damore taste rate and the fact that she raised. It was right because the flowers needed water and meena provided that the detroit. Lions hit a home run. I thought when they drafted panini soul they drafted a anchor for the next ten fifteen years in their organization and obviously as pointed out. You can make the argument that cincinnati should've went that direction wail but i think back they lost. Aj green who had been their number one guy going through a lot of injuries. They wanted to have a prolific playmaker. And i hope when franchises organizations make these decisions they know way more than we know about thaddeus of where a specific positions route spans from what we want. This offense of land needed a lot of health which could have been about the nasal or any of these other first round offense but taste is going to help joe burrow and maybe joe burrow has some influence on this whale. Yep marcus i will say while. I did think they should've taken sewell. It bears repeating joan. Williams was a first round draft. pick out of alabama. He was hurt his rookie year. He was hurt a bit last year as well. So it's not outside the realm of possibility that he can still live up to that draft status and anchor that left side of the line for cincinnati. I would also say. There's a lot of pressure on zac taylor of young head coach. Take offense to the next level of team around that offensive line. Get the football in the hands of jomar chase. There's a lot of questions round the cincinnati offense that needs to be answered early on the offensive line changing coaches this offseason diana eluded to. That's good news. As the good news for joe burrow on the whole he should be good to go for week. One that according to adam schefter earlier today there are big question marks surrounding some of the other big quarterbacks around the nfl. Let's start in green bay. Diana you may have heard aaron rodgers and the packers relationship bit frosty right now. What more can you tell us. Well we know that. They continue to sign more and more quarterbacks it's themes and they're doing that to get some more arms in tampa but what does this really mean in regards aaron rodgers. The last i checked in will pretty much the same point here field which is working on trying to fix it. We recently heard head coach. Matt lafleur basically say and sound desperate to have rockers return. They're trying to fix this relationship and make sure that he does come back. But as of now we know for now aaron does not want to return to the green bay packers. That's hurt russell. Wilson and the seattle seahawks situation. 'cause gosh it was what a month and a half ago. This was leading the show. This is all we were talking about. It seems like things have really moved over and over the weekend head coach. Tara was asked about russell. Wilson's contract and you said you know we're open restructuring right 'cause they could certainly use to move some room in their salary cap and standard as it though it was something that probably most likely not going to do knowing that that relationship while i wouldn't say exactly but at least a little bit better and of course. We have the shawn watson

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