A highlight from The Rise of Anti-Semitism | 5/25/21

Pat Gray Unleashed


Interesting. He's not a mother. So your father though Strange strange that he was referred to as a mother. that's weird. yeah. That is. I'm sure that. Aoc and nancy pelosi and the rest will be very very adamant that they get to the bottom of this threat all. Yeah you know. They're going to be the. Fbi is investigating the suspicious package filled with white powder bearing image Threatening violence and it arrived at his home in kentucky on monday on the outside of the envelope was a picture of the bruised bandage. Paul with a gun to his head cheese and a threat printed beneath it as we just told you in You might remember of course Rene boucher his his wonderful neighbor Came running at him and smashed him into his tractor and he broke his ribs. You five ribs and the rand was not real. Pleased with that. He he cut a press. The issue the guy could have Gotten off on a lesser charge and ran meacher. That didn't happen which is great. Yeah remember he had the pneumonia that he couldn't breathe without severe pain using trouble. I mean he was severely injured. I take these threats immensely seriously rent at i. Have i've been targeted multiple times now. It's reprehensible that twitter allow see list celebrities to be to advocate for violence against me and my family. This must stop just this weekend richard marx. We called for violence against me. And now we receive this. Despicable powder filled letter richard marx. The isn't that weird the eighties pop. Artists is look at that tweet that he sent out this weekend. No like it is really that richard marx. Yeah isn't that strange to have that in the story read that tweets despicable. yeah marks. American singer tweeted sunday. I'll say it again. If i ever meet rand paul's neighbor i'm going to hug him and by as many drinks as he can consumes what he's the guy that sent the. Maybe i mean how many timing richard marx. Right guy was a huge star in the eighties. I can't remember a single name of a single song but what was that. What was that one song about that. Nebraska town that. No you don't it was. It was a big hit. I just can't ever remember. I swear if the title that songs nebraska. I think it might be. I don't know sounds like this right here waiting Yeah see hold onto the nights. Endless summer nights now in for on and gelia should have known better was huge. Yes all these songs man. And it don't mean nothing to don't mean nothing was big hazard. Take this guy is a song i can think of. The guy was big in the eighties up until like ninety one. And now he and now he's threatening a us senator while he's praising appraising tack on attacked him I mean who knows. That should be the first door. Knock for the fbi. That is bizarre. The timing is a little resting. Yeah it is now. I'm sure that's not him. Who sent the powder envelope blah blah blah. But if he sees that story today he's gotta be thinking. Oh crap bad as a bad impulse this weekend to send that tweet. I don't know why. I guess i'm just surprised because i've never heard a political thing. Come out of richard marx before I i don't remember him being political when he showed up at award shows and things May looking at He needs some attention. Maybe maybe that's where we're at was richard marx He

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