A highlight from Episode 550 | Three Years of Grind to Six Figures in ARR with CloudForecast


Show whether you've listened for the eleven years that we've been making it or only the last eleven episodes either way. I'm glad that you found us. This show is about building embiid. Startups that are bootstrapped are mostly bootstrapped. It's about people who want to change their lives. They want to put something interesting into the world and make money doing it. They don't want sacrifice their freedom or their relationships while they're doing it and they find purpose in building interesting products. And that's what we've been talking about for the last eleven years today. I talk with tony chan. He's a co founder of cloud forecast that's cloud forecast dot. Io forecast is a member of tiny seats. Third batch that we just started well about two weeks ago as of this release they have an incredible story of perseverance. They started back in twenty eighteen. And as you'll hear they've applied to many accelerators they were rejected multiple times including tiny. Believe they hold the record of being rejected from tiny see the most times and ultimately being accepted after their third application. And it's really a pleasure to be working with them but they have just been cranking out from twenty eighteen. Getting to the first one k of mr and just pushing pushing until two thousand twenty passing six-figure era and being able to go full time on the app. There's a lot to this story. And i hope you enjoy it before we dive into that. I had a listener. Named steve e. mail in because we're talking about sells books recommendations. I was six or eight episodes ago. He recommended a book called the only sales guide you'll ever need and i checked out the book and what i like about it is. It's his abroad like introduction to the topic so if you're a developer trying to learn sales if you're a designer or a founder or someone who wants to learn about it obviously we've had great guests on this show. We've had steadily fd damian thompson. And way back to david heller. Who's in tiny see batch. One was on the podcast a year or two ago and there's often a lot of sales on here but there are only so many good resources and i think that if you're looking for a square one place to start i would check this book out. I i recommend it. So thanks steve. For writing in with that book recommendation. It always helps to have broad reach that the community is smarter than any one individual and that is the momentum that we've been working on and doubling down on building for with conference decade with podcast. It's eleven years with me and writing and books and blogging about this fifteen sixteen years now and as a community. We can do so much more than any one individual and with that. Let's dive into our conversation. Tony chan welcome to start for the rest of us. Thanks for having me. It's kind of full circle. We've been listening to you all for the last two and a half years three years. We've submitted questions just to get our name out there. As well and i should remember back in two thousand eighteen francois submit of few questions so very honored. That can be part of this show and be a guest here. Yeah man. it's it's great to have you on what you and francoise with cloud. Forecast is is really impressive. In your story. I was telling off. Line your story on. Its own is really interesting in that. Tends to be unusual. Oftentimes have to bounce into pieces of the story joined in the middle because there's just a lot of grinding. That isn't that interesting. There aren't enough highs or lows and your story has a lot of those built into it. Yeah and when you're in the middle of it it's becomes normal life to you and francoise and i were joking saying that morgan. His wife was talking about. Oh yeah things are going great going. They're closing customers and friends. I was like yeah. That's all true but all that was really really hard. So i think you don't really get a good context and you share it with other people and you know hopefully can help other people as well.

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