A highlight from 2596 - Making Mutual Aid More Effective for the This Crisis & the Next One w/ Dean Spade


We are broadcasting live steps and steps from the industrial ravage ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program today so she professor at seattle university school of law dean spade author of mutual aid building solidarity during this crisis and the next also on the program a year after george floyd killing. No police reform legislation to sign. Lincoln is in israel meeting with netanyahu vows relief to rebuild gaza after israel bombed us and wants a consulate in jerusalem. Doj is fighting the full release of a memo shielding trump from prosecutions and down the hill and at the white house. The infrastructure talks with the republicans on the brink of collapse and that's good news new variant found in india spreading now in britain. Texas boys to allow unlicensed carrying handguns by just about anybody limit. Suspension deadline looms. The real question is will it. Kill the filibuster and good news for me. New york schools will be going full time in the fall. Also good news for other people. It's the largest school district in the country. Florida becomes the twenty third state to sabotage workers as there unemployment benefits are slash. Lastly dc attorney general files and antitrust suit against amazon. All this and more on today's program. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Thanks so much for joining us. Joining me as always viglen. How are you today. i am well. I am well. How about you sam. I am also well as you'll note. My voice is is returning ever so slightly i've not cleared out all the pollen that apparently has been Resting in my throat. But i really Feel better And voice. Getting little stronger. That's good news And i have to say. I am a bullied by the idea that We are very close. I think the deadline for the infrastructure. Bill was In about a week but we're already starting to see activity on the democratic side preparing for taking this infrastructure bill through reconciliation so we get More legislation passed more spending past. And really frankly investments in Making the country more durable and sustainable We have a lot a lot. More to go but You know this this dance with the republicans has been about as fruitless as one could imagine they started does give you an update the last time we were talking about this really in any measurable way Shelley moore capito. I'm guessing they were throwing around numbers like what they would respond to the one point nine trillion dollar infrastructure bill that biden was was suggesting proposing and they start saying things like maybe six hundred billion maybe five hundred billion maybe seven hundred billion. Their latest offer is two hundred billion. They have literally a lopped off two thirds of their initial proposal in terms of what they were going to negotiate with joe biden. Joe biden countered the other day with one point seven trillion dollars so they are one point five trillion dollars apart now. Republicans are gonna come back one more time. But hopefully we have now satiated the gods of bipartisanship who apparently need the democrats to do a dance with the republicans for weeks on then knowing that the republicans are just going to sit there and sir rock back and forth. It's like when i was like really bad. School dances like an elementary school. Where you know the half the kids just sit there On the sides looking other yes surely the other the other half to sit on the dance floor or rock back and forth. That's what basically. What the well i mean. Biden's like weakening the bill by giving a blood sacrifice to the bipartisanship. God's essentially right like you you know. Slices hand bleeds says. Well you take this. Will you take this. And then now i mean. We're lucky they're so extreme. We're lucky there. You know. Negotiating with essentially a phantom. That's that's helpful for biden's purposes even though. Of course you know in the. Let me. Just say this. That was the thing that saves social security during the obama biden years it. Because obama was like. Let's do it. Let's do it wasn't so much privatize cut it. Loose cutting the The the coal is essential recalculating. The cost of inflation for for adults and And so The fact that the What we call them tea. Party republicans Said no way that's what saves social security and within a year or two you had the democratic caucus in the senate voting to increase social security. But this is this is just this is this is a kapito in april. Here's a quote. She was asked. Y six hundred to eight hundred billion dollars was the sweet spot and she said this is april. It's just a ballpark figure. It doesn't make me that much. I don't know i just got through it out as a talking point. And they're not serious is the bottom line and so the quicker we get through this stage the better they will pass the one point nine trillion dollar. They're gonna have to go through reconciliation which you can take a little time. But we'll see that. I would imagine now by mid july and then at the end of july. We're going to see a. We're going to get to the debt ceiling and folks remember from the obama years early comes up during a democratic presidencies. I mean it literally comes up during all presidencies but we only talk about it in the news. Because i'd only becomes an issue When the republicans are Don't have a don't have the presidency. That's when they start to vote against it. In on moss we borrow money essentially put it on the functional equivalent of credit card except for

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