Haiti, Urged by Foreign Powers, Announces New Government



Nearly two weeks after the assassination of former president Juvenal Movies. Under pressure from foreign countries. Claude Joseph says he is stepping down as interim prime minister, paving the way for a real angry who was appointed prime minister shortly before Morris was killed. On paper. This fills a power vacuum in the island nation. Let's bring in with Lord Marine Corps. He's the editor in chief of the Haitian news outlet, a Hippo post and he joins us from Port of Prince via Skype with Laura. Thanks for joining us again. Thank you. Can you start by explaining some of the forces that are pushing out? Claude Joseph, the interim prime minister. I mean, what kind of pressure did these foreign powers including the US put on him? We don't know for sure. What kind of pressure was booed in him? What we do know was his intention to lead the government. Actually, he stepped up to, um and you feel the power vacuum? Uh, all of a sudden, out of the blue even the U. N. We went on the record. Say that producers should stay all the way until the next election, signed a document that he signed also by other foreign Paris the most powerful in Haiti, which are the U. S friends, Uh, you win, you know, um, and order embassies to say that, um, they encourage our goal of three was choosed. By the president's two days before he died, too, from any new government. Got it, So could you sort of introduced us to a real

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