Keeping Kids Safe Around Water this Summer


After you've had this experience what do you wish you would have done differently. I think leads really well into our second takeaway here. That was a great question in. You're exactly right so easy to just say. Oh well i was watch my kids. I mean i was on the couch. Though he was sitting on the couch. You know ten feet away from me. The room was filled with people young. Since read this line that everybody is watching the pool. The nobody's watching the pool and is usually the settings when it happens from there is a big people when we were just sort of all busy like just cleaning up in things in and it was so fast but the second takeaway. But i wish we'd really known with levi that we should have had layers of protection in place since toddlers most often drown when they aren't expected water. Those layers are so important looking back. There were so many things that we should have done differently. It was really hate to call it because there's nothing perfect about it but the perfect storm in a sense. The first layer of protection supervision. We weren't supervising and we were all in the room tons of supervision. Too much supervision. I guess really so but that layer failed. We did not see him. Slip out that back door. The door could have been dead bolted. It wasn't could have been door alarm but again we were on vacation. These more things that that we had now. Of course i could have even ordered portable amazon. Fifteen dollars brought them with could have asked my husband go sit on the balcony it till we go crap hunting. We didn't even realize. We thought kids john when they were swimming so it wasn't like something that was like really on our radar and going back to the supervision. Bet so what you're saying there is when there's all the adults watching. None of the adults are watching right. So when you're swimming when you're around water you need to have one adult that is in charge of watching one child or designated the toddler because otherwise you think everybody's watching the children s. This cannot be emphasized enough during the transition tons. I'm not even talking about when you're swimming. It is when you go inside to eat lunch. It is when you go inside for the birthday party to open the presence. It is when you're packing up the car. When the cookout is over and the two year old one all stories these are all the parents i know are the stories it. You're packing up. The car from the fourth of july cookout and the three year olds somehow makes her way back to the pool from the front yard where you thought they were helping. Load the stuff in the car. This is when it is happening

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