What Is Circular Beauty?


In awe view secuties based on four principles. So i'm going to run you through them. Principle one is that we work with nature. So that means that we. I the minimize the use of natural resources. I roll so that formulations of made with ingredients that not a harvested or that a not grown unsustainably then we use natural resources the benefit the environment so an example would be a sequestering carbon through algae production because essex and there are a few such ingredients coming out on the market which very interesting and sending once we must watch sit principle to is that we then keep those resources in use as much as possible and that means for instance up cycled ingredients or using ingredient byproducts or reusing water energy packaging so with cosmetic products we can keep a loss of resources in use. Packaging is a great example when we actually use it because it can be reusable refillable. Obviously we can't keep the cosmetic ingredients themselves in the formulations in use which is why making a truly secular product will most likely always be challenging when it comes to the formulation itself because cosmetic ingredients are generally either washed down the drain or absorbed by the skin or evaporated all sloughed off the dead skin cells or scraped into the trash weather. Decompose if we don't actually use the products themselves so those ingredients typically can't be kept in close loop system but arguably pc brands could sell relations are quantities. That don't need to be reapplied so much. So then we're keeping resources more acts of speculation rather than creating a closed loop system which might be a bit more of a struggle. there sounds principal to principal three. Is that we. Then design outraced externalities. So that means we avoid waste wherever possible and we all can think of plenty of examples. Where this applies. Vc products we can sell formulations in no packaging refillable packaging so we avoid creasing packaging waste or we minimize waste associated with the extraction of natural ingredients looking which plants can yield the maximum output for the minimum environmental impact of. We can also consider eco-design a formulations particularly when they're flushed down the drain or not biodegradable. And ultimately of course as i said we need to minimize consumption of beauty products in the first place that we design at waste externalities by actually reducing the consumption itself and this has close ties in with the podcast. We did recently on the age of essentials of the age of skin and then finally principle four is that we regenerate natural capital. So if you want to keep using natural resources in your pc products you should be trying to create a net environments gain see constantly have those resources to put in that and i think this is probably the point where the beauty industry struggles the most. Because it's simply not really been on the radar screen. The majority of pc

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