A highlight from S2E12: MEGA Events


You can also sign up for the geocaching adventures newsletter which features upcoming episode information behind the scenes articles and other fun articles and information. Hey everybody. Amy shadow dragged one here and i'm going to talk to you about mega events. So what is make event and may give it is. Geocaching event has a juicy code. That has an attendance of five hundred or more geocaches. The event can sometimes end up with thousands of geocaches there. It just depends on the mega that if the event reaches five thousand plus that it gets a giga event status. And we'll talk about events more in another episode. So mega events are held worldwide. The goal of mega event is to strengthen the geocaching community. People get together from all over the country sometimes all over the world and come to these events and they get to meet other jio cashiers. They get to do geocaching. They get to swap stories and gio coins and trackable officials bender. Sometimes come to them. It's a great way to experience geocaching. They're typically consist of different site events that lead up to the main event. There's various games and competitions that will be held as part of the event or site events with chances to win. Prizes typically have some sort of theme this year's twenty twenty one moga mega that was bigfoot. Themed it's a great place to pick up pass along trackable ables. There's often a designated area for trackable swaps. It's also just a place where a lot of people that are going to have trackable that they bring to drop off or carry around two others. Discover is typically annual events although the events may change their city location This year mogo was held in owensboro kentucky. How do you start a mega event. If you have a small event that you hold annually over time it can grow in size and eventually you may be able to claim mega status in order to be considered for a mega event status. You have to have at least three hundred militants logged when you start having that many logs. It'll start getting consideration from geocaching headquarters for the mega status to be a mega event. It must consist of at least one main event held at one main location for a minimum of four hours. Other side events outside the mega that other events outside of the main event or considered site events. They must be held near the main location on days. Before or after the mega event. Pseudo event can be a side of it but cannot take place the same day as the main event in it must be held at a different location. Than the main event to qualify. So some of these will have a seato events. But dave before or the day after to clean up a nearby park or something like that. Site events are optional for the host to put on and are not required to achieve mega status. But a lot of them do have them and they can be a lot of fun. If you think you're of it is large enough.

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