KOMO News Radio, Dave Hunter And Arapahoe discussed on The Situation with Michael Brown


Which is what we may do tonight. Is the situation with Michael Brown on KOMO news radio. Let's find out whether out there in Copeland has decreed anything about the traffic and I'll be right back. Oh, Dave Hunter. Sorry, but a problem they cleared that wrecked north on I 25 at Arapahoe. All that traffic started moving forward, only to hit another wreck ahead of them north down. I 25 Evans is the new one that whole stretches backed up beyond Arapahoe at this point, Also from the bet, Fred Sports Traffic Center. We have a ramp accident. That is Sixth Avenue right at I 25 a little past that we have another accident. Sixth Avenue at Calumet. Also in the West End of town. Keep in mind that ramp under heavy construction. That's from Ward Road to westbound. I 70 has been closed for a couple of days. It's going to remain closed until Saturday morning at eight o'clock. I 70 itself Not bad through the city eastbound is loaded up from Pecos over to Colorado Boulevard Right now. Westbound side, especially heavy from 2 70 over to steal Vasquez. This report is sponsored by America's best contacts and eyeglasses. Don't OVER pay for glasses

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