A highlight from Jack Voltaic: Army Cyber Institute's critical infrastructure resiliency project, not a person. [Research Saturday]

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From all over the nation. Come to help. Whatever the affected area is and her thought was what if we could do something similar would cyber. We have struggles in having the appropriate number of cyber personnel. We have a negative unemployment rate in cyber. So what have we could lift and shift personnel when there's a major disaster and so that's how the cyber mutual assistance workshop in twenty sixteen happened and at that workshop. They discovered that there was difficulty in translating things. Across companies and across sectors and so the broader research became. How do we help these sectors topped with each other and leverage each other in the event of some type of cyber incident and so they conducted jagval take one in new york city in partnership with city And from jagval take one. They tested a terrorist attack with a cyber attack that occurred afterwards particularly targeting the finance transportation and energy sector and the data. They came out of that. Show that we weren't really prepared. Four opportunistic cyber attacks and so new york city was able to leverage that research and have since stood up their very own cyber command. And then you move on to jack Take to what was What was the program there so with jack. Full take two. We decided that we were going to take a look at another major metropolitan area. In this case it was houston and with that we also incorporated beaumont texas which is where we do a lot of port activity on the surface deployment and distribution command. Does they move stuff out of the port of beaumont and so we brought them into the scenario and we were looking at what happens in the event of hurricane and then a cyberattack kind of plane on the chaos that surrounds hurricanes and then what we learned from that is one during a hurricane. All the ships are going to be pushed out of the port so any cyber attacks that happened after that are basically overcome by events and don't have an effect and but what we also learned is what we tend to think of as the center of gravity. You know you. You look at energy. Particularly isn't going to always be the center of gravity For houston water and wastewater was actually a bigger issue because of the amount of water needed to shut down the chemical plants there. And so these jack full take events kind of pulled these threads that no one's gone you know all the way down the rabbit hole on and we learn new things every time we conduct one well today. We're going to be focusing on jack. Voltaire three Before we dig into to what you all did this this time round I'm sure there's some folks in our audience who are wondering about the name itself which i'll admit i find a bit delightful Can you give us a little. The back story. How did come to be called jack. Voltaire we'll sure So in the army military in general we tend to give things these two word names. And so judy really liked the term voltaire pick and kept kind of trying to figure out what would go with that and then hit upon jack and the bad thing about jack. Full take is. It's often caused people to ask us. Who will take is and expect a man to show up for these discussions came. No it's it's it's certainly Catchy an easy to remember. And i think fitting for the type of exercises. You're doing here. Well let's dig into the third iteration What did you all set out to do this time round. So i'm gonna go back just a little bit right before we did the third iteration. We were asked to do a series of workshops across america. We went to six different port cities and this was jack. Voltaire two dot five and what we saw. Was that these port cities. Even though you know. They're they're all port cities. Every single port city is different. And so that kind of led us in jacksonville. Take three to not just look at port cities but also make it more of a regional focus. it's kind of trivial completely trivial but fairly trivial if you can pivot from one port to another that's within a couple of hour drive where it becomes difficult is when you have to ports that are in close proximity to each other that are both experiencing problems. And then you've got to start looking further away to give it to a different port if you're trying to do A force deployment and so for. Jv three we were looking at pulling the thread that we couldn't pull with service distribution and deployment command our deployment and distribution command During jv

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