Myanmar Junta Attacks Western Town That Resisted Coup


Are now in the confrontations between the military, which seize power in a coup three now months ago. And its many opponents. After weeks of street protests and the crackdown that followed. Some of those opponents have taken up arms against the military government. Take Chin state in western Mama. Three weeks ago, a group calling itself the Chin Land Defense Force began launching attacks against government soldiers from the town of men that they've now pulled back after reinforcements were sent there, including heavy artillery. When one member of the chin and defense force he didn't want to be named, told us what had been happening today and because of the poor quality of the line. One of our producers has spoken his words. The situation is getting intense, and the situation is getting intense and worse and worse. The terrorist military is attacking civilians and shooting whoever they see on the street. They apply a shoot on sight policy should on sight policy from our side so we don't have any on our side. We don't have new modern weapons. We use a handmade rifle normally used for hunting. Now we use it to protect ourselves and to protect the civilians from the terrorist military organization organization. They call us terrorists. They call us terrorists, but we didn't start this. We protect our cities on. We use various other ways to express our voices expert our voice to you. Yet From yesterday, Most of the civilians in men that have fled to safer places like the borders also are people from the chin Land Defense force had to move to different places. Well, maybe see

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