Eric Clapton Blames 'Propaganda' for 'Disastrous' Covid Vaccine Experience


Clapton came out and it could be totally legit. But the reason it's getting a lot of coverage is that it's going to fit into one of these prescribed scenarios clapton blames vaccine quote unquote propaganda for underplaying the risks and he had mild myelitis or process or whatever and he was worried that he would never play again. He was out of out of commission for a while. They told him to wait. Twelve weeks for the second shot yet. They gave him the second shot after six weeks. It's like okay so you went back with the second shots anyway. Even he was sick the first time. It's very strange whereas one person i know who was pretty injured from the first vaccine they will not let him get the second one and and i just say like he's okay now right so he's the biggest mouth on this and he's okay. Now

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