One Minute Leadership Thought of the Day 05.18.21 - burst 1


The numbers don't lie. So why do we continue to ignore that. While today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by leadership podcast solo world of leadership in retention in a study of over a thousand workers. Thirty one percent reported quit a job in the first six months. More than fifty percent of organizations globally have difficulty retaining some of their most valued employees groups at any seven percent. Hr leaders consider improved retention a critical or high priority for the next five years. So why are we ignoring that. Why are we putting the energy into that well. There is a a rob with getting things done. Do we have time. We have a plan in place a process for retention. I know they're people are humans in it. Sounds real silly. But if you don't have a process static behaviors of retention. You're probably not going to do them. And incorporate them in your daily workflow. So that's what you've got to do in order to retain who you have into these leadership thought of the day brought to my leadership podcast grow yourself just a little bit more.

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