The 80/80 Relationship Model With Nate and Kaley Klemp


Why eighty eighty basically. The eighty is to answer the main questions that modern couples are asking. How do we stay equals and being love that we sort of solve for equality trying to do things fifty fifty fair but that completely blew up. I imagine we'll talk some more about that. And so it's how do we create a relationship where we can stretch more toward one another create a of radical generosity of contribution and appreciation rather than scorekeeping and therefore rather than just having our individual pursuits succeed together. As i'm sitting here thinking about my own marriage. I think about all the advice that i've been given and there's a fifty fifty and then there's the your equals. Now in my mind to equals equals like one hundred and one hundred which mathematically falls apart so eighty eighty falls apart. Even more for this my. Yeah my my specific question is so eighty percent into my marriage. Which i believe is what you're saying. What do i do with the other twenty percent. you're right. The math makes no sense which we like to say. It's sort of the whole point because neither does love right. It's there's a kind of inherent irrationality that's happening. We are arguing that you want to move the yardstick in marriage from just doing your fair share. You're fifty percent to eighty percent and your question as well okay. So that leaves twenty percent. What do you do with that or why. Not one hundred one hundred. That's the question we often get and really the answer. There is that we think this spirit of radical generosity that's really the essence of eight hundred. Eighty can either be underdone or overdone right and most of us are undoing it but there is a potential of being so radically essentially give up yourself and you know you know where to think about your own purpose and your own projects and and there's a lot of self that goes along with that so eighty percent is sort of that middle way that were trying to strike out here.

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