Amazon Considers Buying Movie Studio MGM for $9 Billion


After 18 tease Warner Media and Discovery agreed to merge Amazon, maybe looking to boost its streaming service and its biggest push into entertainment yet by considering buying the nearly century old MGM movie studio. Of course, this is an e commerce giant. But yes, they have always been fairly serious about their streaming aspirations, Bloomberg intelligence, technology and media analysts, Geeta Ramanathan says. Streaming has helped Amazon acquire new subscribers and make it a real competitors toe other streaming services owned by Legacy TV and movie studios. I think they're taking streaming really, really seriously, and they have the deep pockets to support that ambition. But will consumers eventually tap out of so many streaming services? City University of New York journalism professor Jeff Jarvis says. Maybe they're trying to remake New age cable companies again and at some point there's just a limited amount of money we're going to spend. Until then, consumers have plenty of Streaming options to scroll through

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