A highlight from The episode where the AniMajor is announced


You happy and healthy. Underscore man look ben. Broomhead is very lazy because nickname. Every week is a lot of effort. He tries his best ish pitch black wooden aftertaste done. Wait okay anonymous. Go ahead an anonymous way. What does it say they're actually anonymous. You just missed red. Keep going non imas suns fan and earns power couple. Name is suns since fan or sundering. Peter to prevent speed reading. My name now includes a difficult to pronounce word way. What's this say looks difficult or tort laranjal gist. I don't even know how to put the stress in this word. There's no way that's real. There's no way that's a real word. Of course that's real auditory. No it's something with the larynx because it says laron geologist right talking to wherein diligently are judd running keel pervert needs a new computer. But it's gonna take longer than he thought love you guys and all the pug players thank you perkin dark appreciate that okay. Before we get started of course as per norm the nba segment very sad news today. the suns will in fact be playing the los angeles lakers. We are the two seed. They're the seven seed. They're defending champions. And we are likely to actually lose in the first round Almost i almost didn't stream today. Because i was so upset. But there's always a chance. But i thought this would be a good opportunity since the playoffs are basically about the start because right now it's the plans that we can quickly go over my predictions that i made the beginning of season. See how close. I was so if remember for the west. I predicted the clippers. Nuggets lakers suns trailblazers mavericks jazz and golden state. And honestly not that far off Utah's number one though. Phoenix is number two so that was obviously out of nowhere I think the main one that i got wrong is golden state is technically in the play in but it looks like they will actually end up in the eighth seed but the big one is utah. Had at seven. And they're one. That's the big difference there. How many of the top eight did you get. Correct as being top aide All of them all of the top eight were correct. Yes austin different order. Yes different order. I will also say it's good. I got a message from some i understand. People are very obsessed with their teams. I get it hopefully. Didn't take offense to me saying your team with suck. I said that minnesota will be twelfth of fifteenth in the west. And i got somebody. That was a minnesota fan calling me a lot of dirty words. I remember this vividly. They are actually not twelfth. Fifteenth fifteenth in the west six. So just want to. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry for the east. He was insulting your because you were overrating. His team was like how dare you. That's right. I had that good boston milwaukee brooklyn philly miami toronto indiana in washington. So this one has some differences. The biggest one is. Boston is played horrendously their seventh the first but in terms of who is in the top. Eight Indiana is not in the top eight and atlanta is so i think that's the ono. The knicks are in there as well. Yeah they came out of nowhere. The raptors toronto's not in so those are the two so you're predicted sixth and seventh are not in tub eight. yes let still pretty good predictions like overall. It's really good. It's not too bad. Not too bad Yeah playoffs will start soon. And i will say that. The problem with the sons versus lakers cinder. It's not about losing the first round necessarily because if we played golden state i wouldn't have been. I mean i would have been sad. Obviously but it's my stress levels are going to be way higher the fact that we're playing the lakers so yeah i'm pretty upset about that. Anyway let's get started with the actual episode. the fours zimmer's pack is out ladies and gentlemen. I talked about potentially happening last week. it was two days later than we intended so loss out on some sales there but of course the great and help us put this together. Gotten a lot of questions as to why I'm my face is on this and basically this is what happened right. I bet it's breakfast for those that haven't seen it the emotes. Not the amounts. The spray paints is a good effort. Thing which i coined and then slack stole for his art cauti- then there's my face and then there's a big techies mind with Arrows and then for the voice lines. I had a rabah which is something. I used to do good effort. Line as well and then i have a maniacal laugh that replaced the belt. That was denied that we talked about last week. Oh yeah so. The reason that i'm in this is because i went to forge zuma's because they i'm trying to remember exactly how it came up and i'm obviously very good. Friends with brax is on that team and they weren't really going to do a pack at least not at that stage. And i was like you know what it would be fun to collaborate. I'll take a small percentage and we'll just do literally everything for you except for submit it which they did not do on time. Naughty boys about that is a pro player in a nutshell See that's basically it just doing it as you know something. That's fun.

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