Netanyahu's war on Hamas [TEST]


Hello and welcome to the may twenty twenty one podcast from the moment diplomatic. My name's joel. Miller and my guest. This month is shall end. Download a jerusalem based journalist. Who for five decades has been covering israel on the wider middle east. Charles's many publications include a biography of Jamea and most recently a book reflecting on his years as jerusalem correspondent and this month's edition of the paper he's written about the rise and rise of the israeli right. He argues that. The israeli left has consistently failed to understand the uncompromising nature of netanyahu's project despite growing evidence when i called charles in jerusalem a few days after a ceasefire between israel and hamas was announced. I began by asking him what had struck him passionately in the past two weeks. To tell you the truth sweat Rarely surprised me was getting phone. Calls from people in france including jewelries. Think what happened. Everything was quiet for years now. Suddenly everything blows up lays now a new war and what happened with palestinian. Ever seen what quiet. Nothing quite. The fire was ready to burn all the elements where here to have an explosion of violence. No basic problem was his. Netanyahu will for ten years had as his policies to make military agreement cease-fires under the conditions that he would let Qatar bring shoot cases of cash. Do gaza do finances hamas and on the other side in the west bank. No political agreement. Everything is stuck and Settlements are growing within sixty percent of the west bank so everything was just growing growing growing until it grew up so in a sense. You're saying it wasn't a surprise. Did it feel like a repetition or does it feel different this time. Listen i was expecting at some point in time this would happen. I was surprised with the rapidity with which It it became a full scale war between the gaza and israel. This when we're very fast. So this should worry. I believe the policy makers in israel ended order abroad. It dallas sense of deja. Netanyahu has been prime minister since two thousand nine and so i know you've studied the israeli right as part of part of your long career as a journalist. Is it possible to say what netanyahu's endgame is is that clear. Yes preventing the creation of a palestinian State Wrong side israel and to stay in power so vilo survival political survival netanyahu and his old firmly believe the only he has the ability to protect and save the jewish people in israel and abroad so he staying power is of the utmost importance. This is why also he believes and these fighting role judiciary processes that brings him to court for corruption. And so. how do you read. Netanyahu's personal position. Today after the last the events of the last ten days given what you've said about the legal charges that he's facing and the fact that he hasn't been able to form a government for the fourth time. First of all the round of violence between israel and hamas for the cinci came back to power in two thousand nine. Netanyahu has very coaches now to get into full-scale war nut with his better in journals. Not with us is about self Of violence in for example. The two thousand fourteen. This happened without the netanyahu.

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