A highlight from FB Deli Slices The Truth - DTNS 4040


For Thursday, May 27th 2021 in Los Angeles, I'm Tom Meriden and some studio Redwood, I'm Sarah leaned from Austin, Texas. I'm Justin Robert Young and I'm the show's producer Rodger Cheng. We were just talking about recent C and availability, biases, and their effects on your perception of the internet among lots of other things. A good day internet, if you want that white or conversation become a member at patreon, let's start with a few Tech things, you should know. Twitter said that it planned to push for changes in India's it laws saying that it had quote concerns with regards to the use of intimidation tactics by the police, and response to enforcement of our Global terms of service. The company received a notice of non-compliance, with the laws for failure to remove posts related to the government's covid-19 response, which could result in fines of jail, time for Twitter's india-based Executives. Police. Also, recently served a notice to Twitter protesting labeling of senior BJP officials tweets as manipulated media, Marvel announced the first nvme, solid state drive controllers to support pcie 5.0, pcie 5.0. That's the important part there. The Provera sc5 family. Currently sampling to select customers.

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