A highlight from Martin's Story: How To Stay Accountable & Find The Right Motivation - 20 Minutes Fitness Episode #238

20 Minute Fitness


Transformation series in this series lasso. Our editor in chief and i are walking through various aspects and lessons. I've drawn myself from my very own fitness journey. That started in two thousand twenty. Let's start with an inspirational quote again. Reach reads motivation is. What gets you started. Have it is what keeps you going set by none other than the former olympic track and field athlete. Jim ryan since the onset of the pandemic after nearly forty pounds and gun from twenty-five percent body fat mouth thirteen percent. I'm still at it. And i'm currently working towards dropping. The more fat can hit that eleven percent body fat goal for this summer in part one we discussed how and why even got starts to take my health more series again in the middle of a pandemic in ponto. We will discuss how if kept going which is often much more difficult for most of us. Indeed often we start off with lufti. Espn rations of trying to turn around. Live but then things don't work out quite likely you match them to and we slowly but surely starts lose motivation to keep going. Well let me tell you. One thing that a lack of progress usually doesn't come from knowing to it comes from not turning already now into action and that can be sometimes painful most of you who have been listening to twenty thousand fitness wound. Now what it takes to get an better shape wanna lose fat. Well you need to be a caloric deficit consistently over time. When a gained muscle you need to be caloric surplus and trained for muscle hypertrophy. Either way you need to consume plenty of rotating and what your carbohydrates and dietary fat intake if only it would be that simple right. Old habits die. Hard intimidation is constantly lurking around the corner subsides. Motivation knowledge and a good feedback loop which he absolutely needs. You need accountability as well. And that's what today's show's all about. You can expect to hear how some tools and accountability mechanisms have helped me to form new habits and keep at it cost. Consistency is super important as well and even when things didn't always progress as nicely does happen to all of us before we move on big shout out to our sponsors shave scaler three d body track of that catches your body composition and photo realistic three d currently in beta he and san francisco and the clean lean protein zest which is a plant based protein powder that a super easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. All right onto the show tracking. That can help you that accountability as well but there are other methods that can really help you stay on track and stay accountable so law or the methods that worked for you personnel even a kim to accountability this personal accountability or talked about earlier or i like being accountable to yourself and kind of facing the numbers. But i don't think that's necessarily enough and these in my case It definitely helps talking about you. Know some of your progress or lack of progress sometimes with people in in vicinity beit. Your family beat your friends or colleagues or even go beyond that. I mean they are there Certain outlets for accountability. I mean this red. It's you can go in certain sat. read it's like lose its or progress. Picks where you can actually post your progress and also common and other people's progress and as also of course peleton's facebook grew tone has facebook grew. And it's it's kind of exciting to see how other people are sharing their own stories. It's kind of inspirational to see you're in it with Some other people. You're not alone. Everyone is kind of facing the struggle but It happens to all of us that we have setbacks. And sometimes you also have success in. It's gratuity share it with a wider group. Instead of just you know coining inundates all alone because that's the easiest way to kind of brush it under the cop and be done with it and drop out of doing anything altogether. Yeah i think finding like minded people and people who are working towards the same goals is definitely helpful Derek and your your struggles. The best and like you said it's not always going to be progress. Sometimes it's going to be regressed by these people. I definitely gonna know that. That's just that does just the poverty get this certain goal. It's not gonna be straight up as sometimes you have down's as another thing that i think is extremely helpful for lazy. People like me is To to to have

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