First-Time Unemployment Claims Hit a New Pandemic Low


First time. Claims number four hundred and six thousand as i said the lowest since the pandemic started a pretty solid sign. The labor market is working. It's way back but a we are nowhere near labor market normal and be that first time. Claims number is a look back. What already happened and with two dozen republican governors having said they are cutting off extra federal unemployment benefits some as soon as next week marketplace would megan mccarthy carino looks at the labor market yet to come. It's not just that extra three hundred dollars a week. In federal unemployment payments. Most of these states are ending. It's also benefits for gig. Workers freelancers and the long-term unemployed like marcellus row in dunwoody georgia where federal benefits will end june twenty six. I will be receiving nothing. Unfortunately i have no idea Going through live they buy day row lost his job at a public transportation agency last year and says he hasn't found work to match his previous pay- of sixteen dollars. An hour and all album is just not going to cut it as economies reopen and the dangers of the virus recede michael strain at the american enterprise institute says the additional benefits are doing more harm than good. I see in your market. Where employers clearly want to hire workers but there are not enough workers there to be hired he says scaling back benefits could incentivize more people to return to work but andrew staedtler at the century foundation says. It's not so simple we to believe that we can just turn the lights back on But that's not really how it works. Industries like tourism and entertainment have been slower to bounce and some people face. Health challenges were childcare issues caused by the pandemic that prevent them from finding work. Those are the ones on the federal programs. Those people that have the greatest barriers to work rising vaccination rates might make it feel like. We're done with cove ed. But he says covid isn't done with the

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