Interview With Author Francisco X. Stork


So francisco. What book hooked you. Well when i was a teenager. I think freshmen in highschool one of the one of the books that hooked me into wanting to write about the young characters. was j. d. salinger's books Specifically i think the you know the the short stories. I found very interesting and also freddie and so we i. I couldn't imagine you know how he managed to keep me interested in a book. Were nothing happened. Essential so i figured i'd like to learn how to do that someday. So do you remember what the age you were when you were reading Jd salinger especially like frankin. Zoe yeah i was just i had turned fifteen so An hour each leverett ahead. Read other bugs before but it was. That was the kind of like where i really wanted to write for. Would characters that were that age. You know age and i thought it was. You know it. It took a while for me to do that. But that was the beginning as i think of the little. See that was planned. It of You know the kind of stuff that i wanted to write and you mentioned you were fifteen at the time. So were you a big reader. Was it easy to get you interested in books or were you You know they call them reluctant readers or were did you have to grow into your interested in reading or was it always with you know. I grew up. But i was born in mexico and i grew up obviously reading spanish. I think the first book that i read was a translation of mark twain's to princeton to popper at. I was in first grade. So i was like a big. You know a big hit there to tell people that story. And then i obviously. I started reading in started reading in spanish. I grew up a little bit in the the the latin america. Boom you know when you had all these great writers there were there. Were coming to be become beginning to be known

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