A highlight from Bobby On The Debut Of 'Breaking Bobby Bones'! + Eddie Has A Question About Bobbys Wedding Couples Shower + Parker McCollum Performs In-Studio!


It was filled with anxiety. Why my show debuted last night. Yeah right like a month being like. Oh boy i kept trying to convince myself pay. Don't worry about it regardless what happens. You can't control it anymore. Well caitlin was doing that. Mostly i was trying to control it. She was like it is now out of your hands. You the best job. You could do your people you did. The producers the network. They've all done the best job they can do. And if it doesn't do well you gave it your true effort. That's good advice. And i was not an option. And i'll talk about later on but to all you guys watch last night and posted breaking bobby g. o. Just so grateful that you guys would would help and linda hand and hopefully enjoyed the show a lot of voicemails about it for every week. Now the show is on sunday on sunday nights. So i did that just waited and watched it. I'd already seen it but still i was extremely anxious because i was hanging onto the grand canyon. Think the more anxiety on the fact that the show was airing more than even hanging off the grand canyon. So i have no fear. You think you're going to be watching it closely every week or after a while. You think it's going to be like my show today you know. Let's talk well. I'll know the show's on. Because i'll be promoting it for eight weeks as on but i was talking to bear girls when i was doing his show and he was like. I don't even watch edits anymore. He he's been doing it so long. I don't watch it. I go out i shoot it the next thing. I just hope to have some success. One day where i can just be telling somebody yeah instead of like. What did you get there. Let me see the camera. So i just appreciate everybody so we have a really good show. Today we got a melbourne coming up in a second about. Somebody found some money in their house. And then we're going to do for you guys big day we're going to do round two of the one hit wonder artist game okay so bad at it. That's why it's fun everything we wanna do it. It's time to open up the mail bag. Something we all bobby. Hey bobby bones. About a year ago. I found an envelope with ten thousand dollars cash under our sink and our master bathroom in our home in fresno california. I was putting towels away one night. Stand i'm too high when a pull the top talbak and then we'll have a cash fell right on my lap. My husband and i were in shock. We are the second owners of the house. Do you keep cash for you. Call the previous owner to see if it's there thank you. Cassandra an adam brooks. I do on the second page to have seen yet have the reveal. Ooh but there were asking what to what you would have done lunchbox. Oh one hundred percent out of head straight into my bank said here. I have ten thousand dollars. I needed a deposit Yup i would not tell the previous owners because they probably don't know it's there and hey really. Can you really find them. You don't know who they are. You never met them. All you did was buy a house and they left you a gift. And that's what they did. They left it. They're hoping you'd find it and if you didn't talk himself into the stories humanity one hundred percent you keep the ten thousand dollars. What if came knocking on your door. A where the johnsons we used to live here We sorry ten thousand dollars for our dog surgery. We left it here. Do you happen to know where it is. No do you know where you loved it or you can go. Look i was sorry. I don't know amy. yeah. I would guess i'd call my realtor. Try to figure out the owners and then maybe if nobody claimed it then i would keep it but i would try to figure out who it belonged to mainly. Because that's what i would want someone to do for me eddie. Keep it but don't spend it for a year just in case they come knocking whereas my money. You know what i mean. Then you're like oh here. It is sarah tell well that's not suming is more money. I think cartels not even look at it ten grand and they don't know what's missing. Yeah i'm keeping you offer a year. You're spending it and in another way going to hawaii five. I think what i do is i. You can find out who the house before you. I call them and i go. Hey are you missing anything from under the sink. No you don't even say that. Say hey that we found and we wanna make sure if you're missing it. Let us know what you what you're missing. And if their money how much. Yeah and if they can identify it they get it back. But if they don't that's ten thousand bucks a random number or it could be from the homeowners before that depending on how many people have lived in the home. It said that in the email said we're the second owners of the house. I missed that. Okay well maybe the builder put it there. As a surprise. And you know. And i don't think that's the case i don't think so and i think if the ten grand number you give it back to them. Do you wanna know what they did. All my gosh. Please kept that money. Like went on vacation. Did some cool the second page. Here's what we ended up doing. We ended up calling the previous owner and he was able to identify what we've found under the sink. His son picked it up the next day and gave us five hundred dollars. Cash is the thank. You was very grateful as he was in need of the cash that time. wow cool. And they're got five hundred dollars. Twenty percent way has been or twenty percent. So why wouldn't you tip some of the fender ten thousand dollars. Twenty dollars percents. I don't even know if that's twenty percent. Yeah so do the math ten thousand dollars. What's twenty percent. No percentage percentage. Hard know it's a such an easy number to do it like ten thousand dollars. It's a fifty percent would be five thousand now. You're talking go ahead. One five percent would be twenty five hundred so maybe Two thousand boy got it man. Well you do. What you do is ten percent of ten thousand is a thousand. Oh two i went with a fifty two point. Yeah yeah i gotta we all get in different places live in different ways all journey well related to this and the cartel and money or weirdness on something this might be one of those things out there and several months from now a listener can ask about it because i cannot talk about it right now because i'm scared but i have a situation something that arrived to my house. I can't talk about it. don't do it here. let's let's not talk about it in a different segment. Okay next hour and we won't talk about it. No we're going to know what we can't talk about talk about it. Okay

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