Interview With Author, Leo Babauta


But leo thank you and Thank you for coming on and welcome to the wisdom dommage hat. Yeah thanks for having me. It's an honor to be here with you. Daniel and everyone out there got quite a few people joining us. I wanted to You know. I wanted to go back about fifteen years. I know your story a little bit and you're living on a. You're living on a tropical island but your life isn't exactly a picture out of a travel brocha. Us sort of unsatisfied. With the way you were living. Can you tell us a little bit of y. You're unsatisfied and what you did to on things around. Yeah so the tropical island you. You're talking about as guam We sort of a little bit of a picture I was working in a job. I didn't really love Married we had five kids and one on the way and it was. I think it was like two thousand five. I was a smoker. I was overweight. I was sedentary i was a procrastinator. I was deeply in debt. House full of clutter I couldn't exercise to save my life literally and so there's just a lot that that I wanted to change about my life. I was really unhappy with it and Really was unhappy with myself. Partly because i had let my habits get so out of hand. I wasn't living the life that i wanted to live. I felt a lot of shame and inadequacy about myself And i also felt like it was failing my family both with the finances. I was really having a hard time putting the food on the table and paying rent i was avoiding predators and any kind of like people medical bills that i was showing and things like that. And it's really embarrassing for me to to not be able to like Pay for our bills. Really

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