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Pat Gray Unleashed


This morning. Chevy thanks for taking the three call. Happy to be here in coming back happy to be. Aren't you all happy to be. Yeah so i won't be on earth right now then hopefully tomorrow because i will not be able to shame. Yeah so disappointed. When i don't get by. Hey a lot of people have been asking me or i guess. Tweeting out What's up with your hair. So i thought this is a great opportunity to say what's going on back to idiot implying that at all i've been i have leonard. I haven't gotten a haircut a long time. I'm just jealous actually and And much here now calling it back. I'm actually Been Talking about on. The fat may be doing a fundraiser. For what why haircut doing a fundraiser raise the money for uh maybe our rescue and shaven it off. Bald just Because i can't decide what i wanna do. Is you wanna look like me. Go ball come to figure it would be. I'll just get a haircut. Should be done. Do the ponytail people. You guys on twitter need to tag at jeffey f with Photoshop's of him nice long ponytail. 'cause you're getting there. I know it's gone there. Sorry well gets lazy. I have been get a haircut. And so i figured why not just raise a little money. and shave it off. Just go ball. I like it can i. Can i be the one that shaves it off. We'll see all right very given the highest bidder. Oh maybe the person that donate some money shave it off or you go in that case it will not be me no. That's a good 'cause that's a great idea. And you mentioned your podcast. We all have them at the mike. Show dot com is where you can find mine. I'm actually releasing this week's early before i leave town all thank you. Yeah aren't you happy. Jacquard former navy seal now book author of jesse. He's really also. I mean that is an american hero. Right there's no doubt about that so we're going to release that one today and then while i'm gone Who used to work here. And now we've seen a lashley. She's coming up and then had a great conversation with brad. Thorn gonna drop the phone. I heard something about her. Basil matter of fact. Rachel okay Listening to the daily show one afternoon. Okay that she and i don't know if she talks about it in your podcast interview you have interviewed or are yeah so i don't know if she talks about it or not but at the time that i was listening to the show. She claimed that she'd never been to Restaurant was gosh. Darn it not Here locally yeah. It's a national chain. But the what's what's the what's the hurricane restaurant that stays open all the time. Let's not when i all. I can think of now is burger does not yeah waffle house. You've never been to a waffle discuss this. No and they were. They were giving her such a hard time or not about to a waffle auto love the waffle house. I mean that's tradition right there Well anyhow. I should do a follow up. Because that's an important fact right there at the show at the mike show dot com where you can find my podcast. Tv's rubbed down the hall. It's his birthday. You can help him celebrate by checking his un woke podcast and you just mentioned yours. They're chewing the fat. It's not a guy. I wanna i wanna watch. I wanna hear the or at least i released my interview with dave yesterday memorial day flatter flatter society flatter dave he He took us to school. Actually i gotta here's podcast. Because he makes a good case yeah he makes a very good case. Yes make very good. I i asked him to bring me to the dark side and He did he. I don't know that he brought me to the dark side. He did attempt to bring us to the dark side. So you're not okay. So we got to listen and make up our minds There's a there's a number of things that he talked about that. I was like all right all right. I felt like art bell. If you remember bell from coast to coast it was either thirty to thirty. Am are or fascinating. His favorite word as well. So i'm actually doing the program now without as you could see without earbuds and there we go. It's gonna work. I'm literally gonna have to hold my hand here for the rest of the segment this is going to be a blast pedigree bingo if you go to at pat unleashed on twitter pin to the top of his page. Is this week's been go card We're hoping that Pat feels better tomorrow and his in here and so remember. If you get bingo you call us at eight. Eight eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. If you're the first person through you get thirty. Five dollars to spend at pat head shop dot com. We're going to start in the upper left and when we go. Let's say if you get bengo and the excitement is overwhelming and you call when we say to you. Hello you're on the air when you do ben goal. You don't whisper eight. Yeah just up and go. Hey hey thanks for taking my call. I got big. Oh no don't do that. Discipline take the prize away. We don't care for that. So upper left corner if you here during the show It's We get that one. They're in corby sense. It's nonsense thank you. That was awesome. Okay then. We got the mel gibson heavy breathing. One which is talking to me. Actually this is my favorite good rendition of me. The're care these back from that though. Yeah z. okay. Let's see. And then i say niner which is my tribute to tommy boy. Whenever a lot of numbers involve throw niner optin says get off me. Get off me back off. I wanna bite it. Pat says oh we got a joe biden. Ccd guidelines jeffey. If you

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