Komgo Is Rethinking Blockchain in Trade Finance



Selena. Welcome to insure blocks. Could you thank you. Could you please give our listeners. Quick introduction on yourself sure nationally went so my name is selena in the founder of congo along signed the team of Going to compete more about. My background is being banker on eighteen years with option. The tests the tennis in geneva clutching their commodity finance business and other than that time passionate moment seeds to be here with you today excellent i. I actually shared a similar point of view whenever introduce myself also a a data to a little wonderful daughters excellent so soon as you probably aware the first question we always ask our guests is. Could you please explain to our listeners. What is blockchain. And how does it work. Sure to try so to make things. Simple announcer here is. It's a distributed ledger right. That is shared synchronized database across multiple participants that enables recording of interactions and transfer information. One of the use cases of wealth is identity or values Whatever between two parties without a need for essentially coordinating right so we do use the technology in today about features and use it because it allows us. We just went pouf up the document us this and it's in your ability to allow users to track the usage of the doctrines and what has been the right for example an invoice who has faded has announced it used to create a digital or the trade off the documents that strongly mitigate the risk of heparin the documents without anybody noticing it over overusing twice a for purposes for example

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