A highlight from 483 - George Pullman - Part 1


Reads the story for american history to his friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. I remember one time when you private doing that. Bit for about say three months we were on the road and we were out somewhere and someone said something about it. We were like chilling with a friend of yours or something. It's mentioned it and i go. I'm not. I wasn't kidding i go. It's fun i go. I think it's done now though. This is three years ago. I was like. I think we've finally like our good on it and and here we are. Yeah so later. There's a comedy thing where something starts out. Rule of five hundred funny and then we'll keep doing it's not funny and then it just gets irritating and then and then people on the other and then it gets crazy and then it gets funny again and then it gets not funny and then people get sad and then. I'm not sure where we flow. Slow death of the soul and then it gets funny and then it gets hilarious like and then it's just i don't. I don't know what's happening anymore. And then atlanta lake certainly. Does this person need mental health help. That's why we are. Yeah yeah this is a. This is a cry for help america. How do you not seen that. I've been just desperately begging for some sort of help like this is a cry like this is a desperate. You know what you're like. You're like michael. Douglas and falling down. If he just didn't like fully like if he he was just like. I'm going to slowly take it out on society instead of just having one crazy day breakfast lunch time in this fast food restaurant. How much better that movie. You've been if everyone just call them. Doug oh doug oh god that was actually what it was called australia. Is jim katz. Dave okay gary and this is not gonna come typically clock five part could hit him with the puppy percents. Sip arguments impo action. My friend gareth. We are brought to you in part by zip recruiter. Look if you've ever had to look for job you know that it's no picnic. Start stress eating. It takes the patients picnic. Yeah it takes the patience of a saint to fill it every application. It just drives you crazy and then when it comes to hand back about jobs crickets right just nothing but crickets ziprecruiter knows the geno experience of looking for a job as pretty sucky. And that's why they figured out a way to make it sucky when you sign up on ziprecruiter dot com you can create a free profile. Then you get matched to great jobs. Plus a lot. More ziprecruiter will practically pit your profile to employers whose jobs match your experience and then other unlike other job sites if an actual person from the company really do they see they can personally invite you to apply for the job.

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